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Senior Apartments in Louisiana

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Senior Living and Care in Louisiana

There are now more seniors living in this country than at any other point in our history. This is due to a couple factors. First, the massive baby boomer generation is entering its twilight years. Plus, advances in medical technology and services are allowing people to live longer than ever before. Fortunately, to meet the increasing need for care, there are hundreds of residential senior care communities in Louisiana.

Varieties of Louisiana Senior Living

There are several different types of Louisiana senior living depending on the level of care an older adult needs. Convalescent seniors and those with long term or chronic ailments will find that nursing homes, also called skilled nursing facilities, are most appropriate. They are licensed by the state to provide nursing care around the clock as well as room and board. Plus, they offer access to specialized care along with physical, occupational, and other rehabilitative therapies.

Adult day care centers, or adult day services, were specifically created to give extra care and companionship to older adults during the day when their primary caregivers have to be away from the house for work or other purposes. Adult day services offer medical care, general supervision, and social activities throughout the day.

The perfect balance of independence and onsite support are found in assisted living communities, also referred to as assisted living facilities. These residential communities supply golden agers with their own private or semi-private rooms or suites, recreational activities, and personal care services. While incorporating a philosophy of promoting dignity and freedom in aging, they encourage the involvement of friends and family.

The most "hands off" form of Louisiana senior living is independent living, which is geared toward retired people who are still quite active and can mostly care for themselves. Residents get their own senior apartments or cottages, can take part in social activities, and are provided with a full array of services to choose from. For those seniors who need additional help, congregate living is a suitable independent living alternative.

All of the above types of senior living in Louisiana can be found in continuing care retirement communities, which give older adults a consistent experience as they progress through their later years. Seniors with dementia, Alzheimer's disease, or other forms of chronic memory impairment can get the care and treatment they require in Alzheimer's care facilities or memory care communities.

Why Live in Louisiana?

Situated in the southern part of the country where the Mississippi River feeds into the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana is the 25th most populous state in the nation with about 4.7 million residents. It is the only state that is divided into parishes, which are basically the equivalent of counties. The largest city in Louisiana is New Orleans and the capital is Baton Rouge. Much of the Bayou State was formed from sediment washed down the Mississippi River, which left vast areas of swamp and coastal marsh as well as enormous deltas.

Louisiana is known for being the birthplace for many different music forms, including Dixieland jazz, Creole Zydeco, Cajun music, and more. The state also features a distinct cuisine that includes gumbo, jambalaya, and several crawfish dishes. In fact, Louisiana is the world's largest crawfish producer. The state has a lot to offer sports fans with two major professional sports teams.

Why Do Older Adults Appreciate Louisiana?

The age demographics of Louisiana are fairly representative of that found in the rest of the country. This means that there is a sizable senior population. Golden agers are attracted to the great weather. The average temperatures in the summer are around 92 degrees. In the winter, snow and freezing temperatures are rare. The taxes are on the high side in Louisiana. However, the cost of living is below the national average. In fact, utilities, housing, health care, groceries, transportation, and other miscellaneous expenses are all cheaper here.

There are dozens of award winning hospitals in Louisiana. Some of the most notable ones are the Medical Center of Louisiana at New Orleans, Baton Rouge General Medical Center, and Ochsner Medical Center.

Louisiana Helps Retirees Stay Active

Louisiana takes care for its older population seriously. That is why there are three dozen area agencies on aging throughout the state to provide programs, resources, and services to residents 60 and over with the goal of enhancing their quality of life and wellbeing. With the strong commitment to older adults, the excellent climate, and the low cost of living, Louisiana is the ideal place for those seeking senior living.

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