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I would like to rate this facility a No Star. My mother was there and this was the worse care ever. They gave her the wrong diet like everyday. She got her hair done and we paid $60 bucks for a perm the cna took her to the shower after lunch well how cruel is that, that washed her hair ugh she had just got it done. They changed all her meds kept her on pain pills til she could not function . I had to fight with them and obtain a dr on the outside to discontinue this. They insist that you do not send your loved one to the hospital of course I did but this place is awful. I also saw patients go down hill very fast at this so called Rehab. The place looks modern and clean but please beware !!!!!!!!!!

Go Elsewhere!

My mother did rehab at PruittHealth for a couple of months. It was a stressful and excruciating experience for her. Do not leave any valuables with your loved one, as her Christian medals (which we pinned to her bra) were stolen (was told items were most likely washed away during laundering). The facility did replace them with cheap replicas. Speaking of laundry, more than half of my mother's clothes went missing, including a big red winter coat which she wore most of the time because it was always freezing in there. I had clearly marked her name in all of her clothes, but that didn't matter. Supposedly there was an inventory form checklist I should have filled out, which I was never given nor was it in her room as stated in the piles of paperwork. So I had to go by recollection of what she had. The facility did attempt to replace the missing items, but the red winter coat was never found or replaced.
Most of the CNAs were rude and unfriendly, as well as the nurses and staff in general. I was told after-the-fact to put in complaint forms, which were never shown or signed by family... all just done by word of mouth and all taken out of context. Granted, not everyone who goes into Rehab is 96 years old, but if you are working in a nursing home setting, why wouldn't you have patience and understanding with the elderly? My mom has Crohn's Disease, and is incontinent, which angered the CNAs to have to take extra time with her. She constantly had new bruises and cuts, all from the staff manhandling her.
The facility itself looks modern and sterile, and so is the staff. The administration gets frustrated if you ask a question or point out inconsistencies in their policies, e.g., according to their handbook, each patient has a "Care Ambassador"... a person assigned to address individual patient's concerns, needs, etc. When I asked who the Ambassador was for my mother, I was told that program has never been implemented. Then why is it in your handbook!?! Such a joke! They make everything look great on paper, but it's a total disaster!
Did she gain anything from her rehab time there? No, not at all. Because we commented on several issues, all of the sudden my mom "peaked" at rehab and the reports to Medicare by the PT staff showed no more improvement, so she had to stop her rehab... Just as well!
Of course PruittHealth will come back and say they met every need and request, but that is not true! It was a frustrating, horrible time for my mother and even though they are conveniently located, my mother never wants to return there. The staff is as cold as the temperature inside... Such a shame to treat the elderly this way!!

Changes for the Worst

My family member has been in this facility for 3 weeks this time and 3 other visits over past 5 years. Although we were happy with care previously we are extremely disappointed in this stay now. I have been told the facility has changed ownership recently and the administrator is new. Unfortunately the focus seems to be on cost cutting rather than stellar care. They are consistently understaffed, food quality has declined and previously available assessories (like adult diapers) are not provided unless asked again and again. Worst of all is the lack of commmunication between nursing and therapy, therapy and administration, nursing and outside physicians and, worst of all, everyone to the patient and their family. We will never use this facility again.