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Customer Reviews

Difficulty connecting with provider. Service seemed less personal. 8 hour/week minimum commitment was too rigid to begin with, so we went with Care that was more flexible.


I feel our experience with Premier Senior Care was very good. [Removed] responded right away, and the process was very quick. We were placed with a caregiver almost immediately. The caregivers were great. They were always on time for their shifts with really good transitions in between, and they communicated really well. I do wish they had had more empathy. They did their jobs well, but didn't seem to have a lot of compassion. They prepared meals for my loved one, helped her dress, helped in the bathroom, and did small house tasks. One thing I wish that the company did differently though is that I wish their billing process was bi-weekly instead of monthly. Overall though, The care was great, and I'd recommend this service to others.

Good care and comfort

I was happy with the care from this service. The staff was friendly and able to get us someone to come to our home for the care needed. The care taker was friendly and very helpful. We did like that she arrived on time. We like that she was willing to help us with all the care and personal assistance. We would recommend this service for other families.

Great home care!

The home care service took great care of my loved one in her last few days. They definitely made her feel very comfortable.

Amazing Caregivers!!

I think this company has done a great job at providing great quality of care to my wife and have really been professional. The caregivers have been on time to all of her appointments and really have made her feel comfortable in there care. I would defiantly recommend this place to anyone interested in a great home health company.

Need some improvements...

In the beginning, we had a hard time with [Removed], she was not delivering what she promised. She was also not that reliable on getting back to us but after a long talk things seem to be getting better. As far as the caregivers, my wife really likes them and they take good care of her, but there is one that was having a tardiness issue in the beginning.

Ups and down!

I have stopped the service with Premier Senior Care. Some of the caregivers they sent to me were good and for the most part did what they promised, but there were others who were not as consistent. [Removed] was very good and tried to help us with any problems. We were receiving their services around the holidays so it could have been bad timing, but it still could have been better.

Bad management!

We did not have a good experience with this company. The care was good, but the management was not. We found out that they just found the caregiver that they sent to my father's house through We no longer use their services.

Excellent caregivers !!

I am very pleased with the services this company has been providing my mother, the caregivers have been absolutely wonderful. The lady that comes to my house everyday to take care of my loved one even noticed that her medications where wrong and made sure to rush her over to the drug store so that they could correct the mistake right away. I am very appreciative of there services and what they have done for my mother.

Good Listeners

Premiere Senior Care listened to my concerns about my mother, and worked very hard to find an appropriate care giver. We really appreciate their help!

They absolutely did a great job.

They absolutely did a great job. They were fantastic! They were both helpful and reliable, and we didn't have any complaints about their service at all.

Mom Wants To Be Home

The services we get from this agency has been going fine and helpful since my mom wants to stay in her home. The caregivers are on time and understand what is needed from them. They maintain my mom's home and don't leave a mess. I would recommend their services to family and friends if needed.

In Home Care

This in home care giver service was excellent. I was not happy with the care giver that came to our home due to they would fall asleep at night when she was needed to watch over my father. She did help with a few meals when needed. She did not attend to some of his needs and they were over looked. We were ab;e to get last minute care giver due to Rebecca being able to assist us at the last minute. I would recommend the service to others.

I'm satisfied. My father is happy.

I'm satisfied. My father is happy. They have been reliable and very good to work with. We are very happy.

They did a tremendous job.

They worked with us very briefly, but the part that really mattered - getting set up in the beginning - was wonderful. They did a tremendous job.

Pros and cons

This experience has had its share of ups and downs but we're hoping it gets better. What I can say is that from all of the agencies we've worked with this is one I'd recommend although there have been a few issues. The main things was finding a replacement when our original caregiver called in sick after the first day. It took the agency four days to get a replacement. Thank goodness we weren't in dire need of the help. Since addressing the issues Rebecca has done her best to make things better.

A Good Experience

It has been a really good experience working with the Premier Senior Care service. The caregiver that comes to help my loved one seems to be doing very well and I think that things are going to keep getting better.

They are doing a really good job

Things are going well and they are doing a really good job with Mom. Things are good and she is really happy with the caregiver that she has.

Rebecca's team was wonderful.

Rebecca's team was wonderful. There were a few times that the caregiver got the flu, but they sent a replacement. They did a good job, and we never had any issues with them.

Kind and Compassionate

Excellent. Rebecca has taken great effort to find kind, compassionate and skilled caregivers. It's taken a big load off the shoulders of me and my siblings finding and managing 24/7 care for Mom.

Happy with the service!

We're very happy with the service provided by Premier Senior Care! We're using their caregivers for two different sets of relatives, and things are going very well! The people they send are friendly and professional, and great at engaging with our loved ones!

Took my money and ran

The caregivers were good. It was the manager that I didn't appreciate so much of. I felt as though she got the money and that was all she cared about. I never got any calls to keep me informed on the day to day. the only good thing I can say is the pricing is flexible which i appreciated. I would not use their services again.

very helpful

We had a very good experience with Premier Senior Care. We ended up (for various reasons which had nothing to do with anything wrong on their end) we ended up going with in-home care instead, but when I was corresponding with Premier Senior Care I was very impressed with the place and the people there. They were all very helpful and responsive.

Worked out very well!

Premier Senior Care did an absolutely wonderful job overall. Rebecca was wonderful to work with, she was always available and responded immediately to any texts and emails we sent, and the caregivers she sent us were friendly and professional. I would recommend the service highly!

They have been very good.

They have been very good. They are reliable when it comes to scheduling. The only issue is that there can be a bit of a language barrier with one of the caregivers. We get pretty consistent caregivers, so not someone different every time. We asked for that, and they have done a good job, making sure of it.

I hired a caregiver for my husband who has dementia. I only needed her for a short time while I was unable to be home. The caregiver was very competent and caring. She was a great cook, cleaned up after cooking and in general kept very busy with cleaning the house while my husband slept. I would hire her again when needed.

not a good experience

They sent this girl over that was supposed to take care of my step-dad. The girl was kind of abrasive. When I went to check on dad, I found the place to be a disaster and she was laying on the couch curled up reading a romance novel. Not a good experience at all and would not recommend them.

Not happy with care and would never use them again.

I have not had a good experience wit...

I have not had a good experience with Premier Senior Care. I do however, really like the caregiver that was sent to provide care. This place is extremely expensive, and the billing is sporadic. I have no respect for them, and would not use them again. Out of 5, I would give the caregiver a 5, and the company/facility a 3.

Premier Senior Care has been good so ...

Premier Senior Care has been good so far. No complaints. I am pleased with the friendliness of the staff and the care they provide. I'm happy with the cleanliness of the facility and overall services provided.

God, but could be better

The individual caregiver is very good and well-liked by my father. She has become mainly a companion.
I think that a supervisor of the company needs to follow up with the relatives of the senior to see what is actually being done and what things could be better. My parent is reluctant to ask the caregiver to do anything. I expected more cooking and cleaning, neither of which my father would want to ask of his companion. If the services were adjusted by the company to fit the needs of the individual senior, it would make the process easier and better for the elderly.

We are pretty happy with them.

We have been using them on a limited basis, and we are very pleased with the employee they have provided us. We have had the same employee every time. I ask now to meet the attendant that they would be sending out and get a feel for who will be in the home. Rebecca was very good about working with us on this. They are on the high end of the pricing scale comparatively, but we are pretty happy with them.

A Premier Senior Care "thank you"

We started the in-home care a week ago, so our experience is limited. This far, we have been pleased. My father was resistant at first, but he very much like the caregiver, who acts more as a companion. The initial contacts have been great.

Overall they are doing the best they can with what they have.

We were told that the person coming had really good references and was supposed to be very experienced, and it turned out that she was [removed]. The next person they sent out, is leaving and this is after my mom got attached. The caregivers haven't always lived up to the hype. Rebecca who is running it seems to be doing the best she can, but the caregivers don't seemed to be vetted very well. I chose them because I was really impressed with what they said they can do. We are able to give a consistent caregiver.

Bill Erickson

Local Representative

Premier Senior Care sent a well qualified care giver but the client refused to use her. The client is extremely picky and Premier has done everything too please the client. The daughter is forcing her mother to have a care giver but the mother is refusing care. This is not Premier's fault but a family issue. We appreciate the families feedback as we strive for excellent services.

Do NOT use!

At first it was really hard to reach them; they never returned my phone calls. It was crucial that I speak to them at a certain time too; I live in Maryland and was only going to be in California for four days to visit my father and stepmother.

Once we finally connected, the caregiver they provided didn't follow my stepmother's directions. For example, she told the caregiver to not let my father use the stepladder just in case he falls, only to come home to find him using the stepladder with the caregiver just standing next to him. When I requested someone else Premier didn't want to provide another caregiver, even though they said at the beginning that they would be happy to give me another one if I wasn't satisfied.

They were also very unprofessional when it came to the long-term care insurance paperwork. I had to call them multiple times to ask if they sent it, and they kept saying they did when it was obvious that they didn't. I even called the head office in Anaheim to talk to them about the issue, and they were extremely rude to me.

On top of all this, the service was quite expensive. I would say to stay away from this agency. Find another one that is more professional and helpful.

Bill Erickson

Local Representative

Premier Senior Care spent hours on the phone consoling the daughter in Maryland and hours on the phone to the long term care insurance free of charge on behalf of the family. Premier sent out a care giver to meet with the family free of charge.Premier then canceled this service due to many family issues that were out of the scope of Premier's services. Unfortunately, we are not able to service this family.

Pleased with the service

Overall we've had a very good experience with Premier Senior Care. We've worked with two caregivers from the service, and they've both been very kind, sincere, and knowledgeable about senior care. They've done an excellent job taking care of my loved one.

Bill Erickson

Local Representative

Premier works hard to service and provide excellent care. We appreciate your kind words.

Angels are out there

Rebecca, the coordinator, provided an excellent consultation on the in-home care assistance Premier Senior Care delivers. More importantly, she took time to understand our family's needs and then selected a delightful caregiver for my mother-in-law. Everything is working out well; the caregiver has great chemistry with my mother-in-law, has a warm/caring disposition, arrives on-time, prepares meals and is of great assistance to our family.
Thank you.

Bill Erickson

Local Representative

It is our goal to match up the perfect care giver for each family. Thank you for your kind words and choosing Premier Senior Care, LLC

Met with Rebecca and she wa...

Met with Rebecca and she was very professional in her presentation. Gave me several options but then called back a couple of days later and came up in price due to government changes in law for minimum wages, insurance, etc. Was not a good fit for us and the price jumped to $8,000 plus which was way to high for us.

Bill Erickson

Local Representative

Unfortunately, the government quidelines changed which we must follow.

We weren't happy with them.

They took it upon themselves to do exercises that weren't orderd by her doctor and ended up hurting her. We had food items go missing with no explanation. It was not great.

Bill Erickson

Local Representative

Premier followed the families instructions and fasley accused us of a situation. When the family found out that Premier was not at fault they wanted to continue services but Premier canceled the contract due to the false statements by the family.

Having Problems

They don't normally contact me to check in to find out how things are going, and I would prefer that they do that. I don't hear unless I have a problem, and I think that they should be calling me more often. I'm not really happy about the quality of caregivers that they're sending. I fired the first caregiver because I didn't like what she was doing, and I need to talk to Premier about the second one.

Bill Erickson

Local Representative

Premier Senior Care is in daily contact with our staff. We follow up with our families on a regular basis. Our case manager is on constant contact with each assignment. Thank you for your feedback.

We Got Exactly What We Needed

We loved the gal that we've got my mother-in-law set up with. Her light housekeeping is excellent. I haven't had to worry about anything. She's getting my mother-in-law up and out, taking a bath, going out to play bingo at the church which she hadn't done in years. She's playing cards and keeping her mind activated. I was the only one doing that it's something that she needed. my mother-in-law is more alert and able to get up of the couch more easily than before.

Getting Tara in through Premier Senior Care was just a life saver for me. I would say most women would want her mil to have a bath everyday and be fed and her clothes are taken care of and have some dignity. In the end we got exactly what my mother-in-law needed.

Bill Erickson

Local Representative

Thank you for choosing Premier Senior Care.

Excellent Care and Value

We weren't able to keep the company. Another family member of ours did not thing that we should keep them. I'm not 100% sure why. They said the Premier Senior Care said they were bonded but when they looking it up online they were not. I'm not sure what that means but I'm broken hearted over not using them anymore. I would have continued them working if not for that family member. The care was excellent and the value was absolutely incredible.

Bill Erickson

Local Representative

Thank you for choosing Premier Senior Care.

Good Care

I think probably communications with the home office needs to be a little better. I don't usually hear from them unless I call them and sometimes it takes them a day or two to get back. I know they're probably busy with other things but an occasional check in would be good.

The caregivers have been good. They provide 24 hour service. They help my mom get dressed, they cook her meals and do some very light housekeeping and they're with her whenever she's up an around. Probably 90% of the time and they also walk her dog for her.

Bill Erickson

Local Representative

We strive to return calls immediately. We go above and beyond for each family, including pet care. Thank you!

Love Love Love!!!

Love, love, love Premier Senior Care!! Rebecca is the nicest, most organized person I've ever met. I interviewed a few different companies and more than half of them were just rude. At Premier Senior Care everyone is just nice. I had to interrupt Rebecca on her birthday and didn't even care. She dropped what she was doing just to help us out. I love the company!

Bill Erickson

Local Representative

Thank you for choosing Premier Senior Care. We appreciate your kinds words!

They could check up on thier caregivers more

We had a problem with the one caregiver. They ended up firing her. Once I did call and told them about the problem, they were very willing to try and fix it. They fired her pretty much on the spot for the things that she was doing. It was one person that we had issues with and they took care of the situation as soon as they could. We were going to try somebody else, but unfortunately my father passed away over the weekend so we didn't try another caregiver.

I think they could maybe spend a little more time checking up on the caregiver with maybe a surprise visit to make sure they're doing what they're supposed to be doing. They would call me to see how it's going, but I'm not there - it was my dad who was getting the care. After they set up a caregiver, that was the last contact we had with the people in charge.

Bill Erickson

Local Representative

Our case manager that was in charge of the assignment was in contact with the family. Our case managers are on call 24/7. The family choose not to use the care giver we assigned and the client went to the hospital and did not return. We always honor the families request to make a care giver change so the fit is perfect.

Dependable and Reliable

The case manager was very pleasant and very knowledgeable. Premier Senior Care is located locally and is convenient for us. They have been dependable and reliable. We are pleased with them so far and would recommend them to anyone seeking in home care.

Bill Erickson

Local Representative

Premier Senior Care serves all of Southern California and strives to meet all of our families needs. Thank you for the positive feedback.

Good Company

They are a very good company that provides a very good service. There is some issues with one or two members of the staff communicating with their customer. At time they will tell you they will call back within a couple of hours but then you will not get a call for 24 to 48 hours. Have had one or two care givers that showed up one that was not acceptable and another that was a little unprofessional. When we had the unacceptable care giver they were accommodating in getting them replaced. The one that was a little unprofessional was a really good care giver just did not get off to a great start, they came in to our home and just stated how can I help you rather then introducing themselves and then asking question. They are a good company that provides a good service and we would recommend them to anyone seeking in home care.

Bill Erickson

Local Representative

Premier returns calls the same day. We strive to provide excellent care staff. In the end the family was very pleased. Thank you for the feedback.

From the Community

Premier Senior Care is the leading in home senior care provider in California, specializing in Alzheimer's & Dementia Care. It is an established and respected senior care provider offering senior home care, personal care, respite care and companion care.

Our experienced and loving caregivers are able to assist you or your loved one in maintaining an independent and enjoyable lifestyle while continuing to live within the comfort of your own home.

In addition to providing services to homes, we serve retirement homes, assisted living communities and Alzheimer's & Dementia care facilities. Premier Senior Care offers services all across Southern California.

We offer our services to provide you with affordable rates and varying hours of service from a few hours a day to 24 hour/live-in care. We provide compassionate caregivers who are thoroughly screened, trained, professional and reliable. All of our caregivers are English speaking.