Points West Living Heritage House - Vegreville, AB

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Customer Reviews

Very clean!

Nice place! Very clean. No complaints.
Love it here!

Beautiful, Cheep and Amazing!

So I live in this building and I have to say I read the last review and they must be competition in town or something because none of what they said is even remotely true. The building is the only clean and new building in the whole town. Our building has housekeeping and 24 hour staff that take care of us and clean the place. It always looks amazing in Heritage Heights! We have activities all month long, the food is great most of the time although its not always perfect its only because everyone's tastes are different. I have never had a bad meal. The Staff are amazing, the residence are kind and friendly and although I was nervous about moving in at first I am glad I did its nothing like I was worried about its a great place and everyone is family here. It amazes me how low the competition will stoop to make us look bad, writing a bad review. And I know its them because they tell everyone in town the same lies. The rent is $1500 and in comparison to the $3000 they charge for dives in Edmonton this is an amazing deal for $1500 you get housekeeping, a free 24 hour monitoring thing to page assistance if you need it, you get all our bills covered and now they even pay to move you in and give you a free months rent! Anyhow I will say my only issue is I don't like pets and there are a few here but that's just me and I don't have to have them in my house anyhow.

Really nice!

Really nice! Come and see for yourself!

Really nice!

Really nice, come and look at it and see for yourself!


Mice running around in rooms. Noticed traps when visited the facility. Disgusting and what I don't understand is that people live and eat there. What is the kitchen area like? Unbelievable what businesses get away with. That facility is totally filthy and disgusting. Alberta Health Services should be on top of this and this place should be shut down.
Management obviously doesn't care and maybe they should live there and see how disgusting this place is.
The seniors that live there overpay for there stay and care. This place should be spotless and be better taken care of and management should be dealt with.