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Customer Reviews


I lived at Park II for 3 years and regret ever making the decision to move here. The maintenance and management don't even deserve stars. There aren't any amenities beside an elevator from the 1950's. I had a leak in the wall of my apartment for the duration of the time I lived here, which caused mold that they neglected to clean. They excuse after excuse as to why they were unable to fix things, such as my heat for example. I had hardwood floors, low quality ones at that, and it got VERY cold on days that they heat wasn't working properly. I think I measured 40-something degrees in my apartment once, and my apartment was on the top floor. They have been cited by the city of Minneapolis several times, (thanks to me and my knowledge of city ordinances as well as calling 311 to try and solve these issues ) then fixed only what was necessary. They also have 3 customer complaints with the BBB according to the BB website. The manager is VERY rude, I'll leave it at that. The rent is very high for what is actually being provided, and they raised it yearly. There is a huge turnover in residency here and it's understandable given the poor management, lack of maintenance, criminal activity and anything else I've missed. Oh, and I got less than 10% of my $500 damage deposit back which seems to be the theme for this place, and that theme is greed. I'm not sure why this place is on a website for seniors, but I would not recommend anyone live here, especially someone that many have a mental and/or physical disability due to the lack of friendliness and care that this building and it's residents (in my experience) receive.