Morley Manor Cooperative Inc - Dearborn, MI

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This place resemble a biased hen ran coop in my opinion

In my opinion, this place is ran by a handful of self-righteous snobs who band together to target people who they secretly don't like. Residents helm up and question my visitors like rent a cops every single time they come to visit; the board members have been said to unfairly sell prime carport spaces to their preferred few; plus pick and choose who get penalized for breaking their so called rules (e.g., if their preferred klan are making loud irritating noises in their units, common areas or hall, or are holding up the elevator while cackling like a bunch of hens, etc, it's acceptable but the moment I make one sound or do anything, I get a threatening letter saying that I am in violation. This place is totally biased in my opinion so think twice before you leap into this hen pecked coop/big "I", little "you" type environment. Oh and there is virtually no company management (the regular office lady quit months ago so now a different lady comes in every blue moon, it appears). Instead there's a bunch of gray hens run this coop.

The Right Choice...for Some

This is a great place for your elderly parent(s) if they insist on "independent living"...but you are still close by enough to pop in and out to help. There are no "assisted living" type services here. This just happens to be a co-op with a minimum age requirement of 55. To get to and from appointments or grocery shopping, the residents have to make use of the city senior bus system or a private taxi. It is reasonably priced per unit (to buy)...the avg. monthly fee is between $400-500 and includes all utilities but not cable, wifi, or phone service. It's a quiet building in the general sense...the first floor is set up like a community center of sorts with chapel, workshop, library, "hall" for dining and parties, etc. Management company staff (on site only part time and a few days each week) not the best. Another issue entirely. Resident Board of Directors are typical of those who know all...while you know nothing. Quite difficult to buy and sell here because of all the rules and regulations governing such a transaction. own elderly relations lived here for over 30 years and would praise it from the grave if they could. So to each his or her own...

Think Long and Hard Before You Decide on MorleyManor

I have had approximately 30 years of experience at Morley Manor; first to visit my close relative who lived there---then as an owner. It is a certain type of person who would choose to live here. The cooperative lifestyle is not like living in a condo or an apartment; I would advise anybody to read up on how co-ops are so very different in so many ways. There is a resident-appointed Board of Directors who basically oversee the entire complex and its activities. If you need a "parent" in this way---you won't mind it. But if you mind being treated either like a child--or dismissed out of hand--then perhaps you'll find it difficult living in a place like this one. Also, the resident security strategy in handling guests and visitors of the residents is right out of the dark ages. You can expect to be questioned as to who you are, who you are visiting, and whatever else pops into the questioner's mind...most every time you enter into the building. This is ESPECIALLY true if you entered the building on your own using the RED KEY (resident's key) WHICH NOBODY USES BUT THE RESIDENT TO ENTER THE BUILDING!!!! If you are caught, the resident MUST PAY a $500 fine. What the..?? But yes, it's like "that" at Morley Manor! There is so much more I could say about this place, but I won't. The so-called "staff" is abysmal; they give new meaning to the terms [Removed], ignorant, and belligerent. As I said earlier, they along with the resident Board either dismisses you because you are "bothering" them...or they treat you like you're a child and they the authoritative parent WHO MUST NOT BE QUESTIONED--EVER! Such a sad state of affairs...but that's how they run things at this particular co-op. At least now you know what it's like if you are considering living there. By the way, if you have a pet---might as well get it put down if you think you're going to gain "approval" for having a pet at this place. Although one resident did pursue what was necessary (legally!) to keep a cat. The rumor mill before this approval took place was like a Saturday Night Live skit. (There may be CAT HAIR in the WASHING MACHINE!) I can't make this stuff up; I was there! Not anymore though. Thank the Lord for that!