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If you have any value to life do not move here! The property is bedbug infested, bedbugs are crawling out the walls and down the halls. The owner to the property visits almost daily and does not care at all! He's a rude, [Removed] that treats and talks to his residents horrible!! He has owned this property for almost 1 year and has only raised rent! There's nothing upgraded, in FACT since he bought the building it has went down more![Removed]. Most of the residents are on government housing so they're trapped once moving in here. The previous property manager [Removed] tried her best to make a change, [Removed]. So all of the staff quit! I don't blame them because the owner was treating and talking to them like they were slaves and Midpark is his modern day slavery plantation! This property should be shut down! There's so many water leaks throughout the building and the hot water goes days without working! Why the city hasn't stepped in and shut it down is a mystery!! But since the city won't do anything WE the PEOPLE can! Simply DO NOT MOVE HERE!! And if you do live here MOVE!

The Place is a Dump

The place was nice at one time. The Management has chosen to ignore basic maintenance . The Elevators never work. The whole place is crawling with bed bugs.The homeless population in the area use these buildings as a shelter,living in empty units and stairwells. New management does not answer the phone for emergency maintenance on weekends nor does i use an answering service. All in all I would not recommend this property to anyone looking for a safe ,clean and friendly place to live.

Great and Affordable!!!

I have lived here for two months now and I can say I truly love it here! Its conveinent to all of the major highways, grocery stores and local transportation. Management has been nothing but helpful to me and very professional at all times. At night there's a DPD officer that does patrol the community. Since ive lived here ive attended adleast 5 resident events that management has put together and I really enjoyed every event. Chrissy the Property Manager takes time out to bring the residents bread and sweets on Tuesdays and Thursdays which she is not required to do! If I had to rate it I giveMidpark a thumbs up! :) Keep up the great work Management.

Not what it claims to be

Lived here for the longest 18 months of my life--moved here to help my ex who was very ill--had my own apt. Apts. are about 450 sqft. NO DISHWASHER, no fans. I was one of the few "full pay" residents--most are on vouchers--not as awful, I guess if state pays most of your rent, but full pay amount is outrageous considering lack of amenities and upkeep--$675 a month with an 18 month lease!!! They claim to have hairdresser, dining room + kitchen for residents, church services, library, outings, social events, etc. Mostly false--they do have bible study in an apt. once a week, a bus to Kroger once every 2 weeks, and the mobile library comes once every 2 weeks. That is it. This is high-rise bldg. and ELEVATORS GO OUT OFTEN--once for 2 days!!! Air conditioning / heating is 1 window-type unit for the whole apt. and not effective in summer. Most decent apts. in this area run for about $550 a mo. wi9th about 600 sqrft. Save your money--nothing here for elderly or disabled!