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Customer Reviews

Excellent Care

Our family had used this company to provide 24/7 care for my mother in law eight years ago when she was dying. We knew who to turn to when my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer.[name removed] and his team have provided reliable, excellent and compassionate care in our home 24/7 for the past six weeks. The PSWs take initiative and are responsive to every need. In my job as a RN I had recommended this company many times in the past and will continue to do so in the future. We are grateful that we can count on them and are able to keep our mother at home with their tender care and support.

Overcharged and under serviced.

Disappointing experience. In my experience what what was promised & contracted was not what I received in fact they did not deliver on the most important part, they promised a care provider with a car but ended up it was a caregiver with NO car! I should have cancelled the service at that point but we were in such a bind we had no other options. I contacted them to tell them how many hours of service were provided and they responded with an over charge to credit card! When I asked them to point out the error they said no, its correct! It took an additional 10 days for the manager to respond and he said he would only give me a partial refund if I took down my unfavorable review I had posted on line. Not a professional way to practice business in the service industry in my opinion!

Homewatch Caregivers Review

The workers, although nice, aren't very proactive in engaging our brother [Removed] in activities. He can be a hard sell but I was hoping that since they have been around him over a period of time they could learn to work with him. The Caregivers are very professional, but he likes card games and word challenges, and I am not sure the Caregivers know how to provide these options.

1st Time Needing PSW's - positive experience

I recently had a medical experience with my father that required me to have PSW care put into place in a very short time frame.

Scott Trueman was exceptionally helpful in answering all my questions and very patient with scheduling - offering suggestions etc realizing this was uncharted territory for me.

PSW's - everyone was extremely nice, polite and friendly. If I were to have any suggestions, it would be for the PSW's to take more initiative in doing light housework or with meals AND or suggest doing an errand (if they drive). My father was not used to having the care and really didn't think of tasks to suggest.

When I made suggestions of tasks to complete, they were all done thoroughly and happily. While I hope to not require Homewatch Caregivers in the future, I would not hesitate to call should the need arise. Thank you!1

We are disappointed with the service. The caregivers did very little. Their cooking skills were terrible. We had more than 17 different caregivers over a period of 4 weeks. And maybe 3 of them did anything. Would not use this service again.

Good Follow Up & Response ... Better Team Screening Required

I was very pleased that our urgent requirement for a caregiver for my husband was accommodated with almost no notice (due to disappointing results from prior arranged services with another company). My husband continues to be a Fall Risk, and has sustained a brain injury, due to a prior fall.

I contracted services through Gary Spector of “Home Watch Care Givers”. We were able to complete the required paperwork and have the first visit take place the same evening. I was grateful that despite the late notice, Gary was able to cover the required shifts (Tuesday evening through to Friday evening) by assigning three separate individuals to the task.

While I was out of country on business, my husband reported to me that he was pleased with his Care Givers. Upon my returning home on July 29th, I was dismayed to learn that a number of things had transpired untoward. An assigned Care Giver had permitted my husband to walk out to the roadway to “see her off” following her final shift on July 29th, instead of insisting that he remain in the house. Following her departure and just prior to entering our home from inside our garage, my husband sustained a fall and injured his knee. He couldn’t get up by himself. My return flight arrival was delayed. Just happenstance that neighbours were walking along our street and saw my husband on the ground. They rushed to his aid and obtained additional assistance from another neighbour … got him up then brought him into the house, staying with him until my arrival about 10pm.

Although I had indicated that my husband didn’t require any assistance w/grooming … the Care Giver insisted on bathing him and “practically got into the shower w/him” … when I asked my husband why there was a shower cap on the counter … I was advised that it was offered to the Care Giver, but she declined. I then learned that upon my husband’s exiting the shower … the Care Giver got into and took a shower herself.

Although I did not contract for the Care Giver to run any errands … my husband requested the Care Giver drive him to the following:

1. Trip to Liquor Store
2. Trip to Pick Up His Watch At the Jeweler
3. Trip to Pick Up Chinese Food Takeout

I would have fully expected that the Care Giver consult w/her Supervisor prior to taking a Fall Risk patient on any outing … and subsequently, I would have further expected that the Supervisor contact me directly to confirm whether any of the above trips were ok to proceed with. None of these trips were necessary, although I am less concerned about items 2 & 3. It is in particular item 1 that is of concern, my husband is not allowed to drink alcohol as per his physicians.

Contracted Services included reminders to my husband for Medication, Blood Pressure Readings and Glucose Readings. Although there were Glucose Readings taken, there were no Blood Pressure Readings whatsoever and further, my husband’s July 29th Dinner medication remained in the Daily pill box holder.

I have reviewed these concerns with Gary [Removed], who assured me that he will follow up with his Team in regard to the above concerns. Initial feedback from his Team was that with exception of the watch pickup, neither of the other items transpired. I have provided Gary with further proof (ie. LCBO receipt w/date & time stamp, that there remained Chinese Food Takeout in our fridge upon my return, and further a notation in my husband’s calendar about the shower). Gary is re-interviewing one of his Team in that regard. My husband and I were dismayed that one of Gary’s Team was less than truthful w/him and instead attempted to discredit my husband’s reporting of the events.

Notwithstanding, I would re-employ Homewatch Care Givers in future. I am satisfied that the above events are not condoned nor acceptable practice for the company.

Our requirements for Care Givers is on an adhoc basis only.

They have been very good so far.

They have been very good so far. They have been reliable, we haven't had any issues with people not showing up on time or anything. It's worked out well. We haven't had any complaints so far.

Satisfied with the service

We only used the service a few times, but overall they performed to our expectations, we don't have any complaints.

They seem to be doing a good job.

They seem to be doing a good job. The girl that comes is friendly, and I haven't had any problems with her at all.