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Customer Reviews

terrible service.

First time using a care-giving company. homewatch was recommended. this company is so inconsistent. different people all the time so confused my father. we were not able to get a relationship with someone so he could feel safe. finally they gave us this wonderful young lady who the last 6 months we have 4 days a week but then it is a toss up the rest of the week. The owner has been very rude when we call to try to fix issues. The secretary well she is worse. her tone of voice and how she makes you feel like it is your problem not their inconsistency. I would not recommend if you want to build a relationship with your care giver because you will not get the same one more than 2 times a week if lucky. they have huge turn over because they pay their employees nothing for all the hard work they do. by all means give them a try but personally for me if i knew how this company was going to treat my father months ago i would have saves my money and spent double to a care giver who really cared with compassion.

Wonderul Home Care

I have been using Homewatch Caregivers since July 2016. I am a retired psychologist with a terminal illness that has left me totally incapacitated. The quality of my life has diminished where I can barely do anything anymore. The services I receive have allowed me to stay in my home as I have wanted. The caregivers have been absolutely wonderful. Everyone I have received services from has been knowledgeable and have been kind, wonderful human beings with a good heart. All of us should only surround themselves with people who love you and you love them back at the end of our lives. All of my life I have helped thousands of people and I guess it's being returned. The support of my family, friends and now my caregivers have enabled me to cross over with some semblance of dignity. I hope this will help anyone looking for care. I would also like to add the supervisors and the head [Removed] have also been wonderful to me. They are absolutely trustworthy and I would trust my care with them with no reservations.

For the Most Part Satisfied with this Home Care

My mother is doing well with this home care agency. So far everything is working out well. I'am pleased with the services she has received from them. We had one issue with one care giver. She wasn't very helpful, but once I brought up my concern they addressed the problem quickly. Other than that issue, the other care givers we have had has been great. The experience has gone well, and I would recommend this home care agency.

Happy With Help

Everything is working out good with what the agency provides. The caregiver is professional and reliable. They are prompt when we need them. They are visiting my mom and running errands for her. I would recommend them to anyone.

Great Service for those Needing Inhouse care

We've been with Caregivers about a month and are very pleased with the program so far. They are caring, efficient, flexible, really addressing the changing day-to-day requirements in situations. I am very grateful for their support.

If I trusted them with my mother, so can you!

My 86 yr old mother lives in an apartment located in a senior high rise. She was having falls and problems doing her daily ADL's, laundry and cleaning. I was trying to be her caregiver, take care of my family and work as a nurse! It was overwhelming for me to do it all!
That is when I reached out to Ray and his home care agency! They were fantastic, so caring and helpful! My mother was very happy with all the caregivets, they have become like family to her! She really looks forward to their visits! I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for caregivers for a loved one!

It Sounded Good

At the time they help sounded good for us. We were happy with them. They were able to come to our house and provide the necessary care. However, the amount was a little bit much for us. I would recommend their serviced to family and friends.

Great experience

Homewatch Caregivers helped as my mom recovered from her stroke. The employees were professional and courteous and made my mom feel comfortable. I highly recommend Homewatch Caregivers.

They were helpful and reliable for us.

Things worked out well with Homewatch Caregivers. They were helpful and reliable for us. It has been a positive experience.

From the Provider

Our home care providers share a passion to help those that are in need. This is not just a business, our mission is to enrich the quality of life of our clients. Our promise to you is that we will do everything in our power to provide caring and compassionate care.