Homestead Home Health Care - Northville, MI

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  • Assistance with all aspects of daily living
  • Free Assessment
  • Exercise Assistance
  • hospice care assistance
  • Mobility Assistance
  • Out-of-town Travel Assistance
  • Plant / Garden Assistance
  • Transfer Assistance
  • Walking assistance
  • Transportation
  • Medication Reminders
  • Toileting & Incontinence Care
  • Bathing, Grooming, Hygiene
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Specializing in Alzheimer
  • Grocery Shopping / Errands
  • Recreational & Social Activities

Customer Reviews

Nurses that really care about people

I think the employees can make or break a company and the two ladies that took care of my mother for the past year went beyond what was expected of a care provider. They understood her financial situation wouldn't allow her to enter an assisted living facility, so they both stepped up and gave the care that you can't put a price on. Spending hours just talking with her helped immensely, running errands, laundry, and delivering all her meals were extra jobs they did religiously. When the meals at the facility weren't fit for anyone to eat, they would go out and buy a meal from a fast food place (out of their own pockets) and give to her without expecting anything in return. I know for a fact they did the same for the other residents at the facility.
As far as the medical care, both were very well versed in their profession, so much so that any health care provider would be happy to have them on their staff. They both are still great friends that we will never forget. Mom moved to an assisted living facility (she needs 24hr attention now that the place she met her 'Angels' couldn't provide--it was a non-profit).
[Name removed] and [name removed] are their names, and if you're lucky enough to get their care, you won't have to worry if you got the best!!!

Pleased with the Girls of Homestead

The caregivers at Pine ridge of Hayes took my parents in like part of their family. [Name removed] and [name removed] listen and correct any problems. My Mother past away last fall and Dad is independent living. [Name removed], [name removed], and [name removed] still look after
him and tease him. He loves it! He calls Pine Ridge of Hayes his home now. Thanks everyone. [Name removed]

Homestead Review

Within an extensive range of services, we contracted with Homestead to receive daily care and light housekeeping services for my ninety-seven year old father following hospitalization. Homestead maintains a convenient and easily accessible location on-premises of his living community. On-site leadership, beginning with the Manager ([name removed]) and Senior Nurse ([name removed]) is outstanding. Both are accessible, very easy to work with, responsive, informative answering questions, and understanding of a family's and the care recipient's individual needs. Daily caregivers are delightful, respectful of my father, and appropriately balance his desire to maintain some independence while providing the requisite care.

[Name removed] and her staff at Homestead has been very attentive to my mom's needs and understanding of her condition. They are very compassionate and always have my mom's well being at the center of their attention. [Name removed] is always pleasant and responsive; If i have a question about my mom's care, she's always available and takes whatever time is needed. My mom is in the Detroit area and I live in North Carolina; it's a great relief knowing that I can count on Homestead.

I would like to give a review of a couple of your employees. [Name removed] and [name removed] They both have looked after our mother [name removed], [address removed]. It is at the Woodhaven Senior Living facility. [Name removed] is the one that takes care of our mother on a regular basis and [name removed] fills in when needed. Most of our experience has been with [name removed]. We just wanted to let you folks know what a great and caring job she does. When mom is sick or needs something she is there for her without hesitation. Always letting us know when something is needed and is very attentive and thoughtful. We can' t say enough about how valuable they are to your organization. [Name removed] is a god send. We don't know what we would do without her. When you have employees who are as valuable and caring as they are, you folks need to know about it. Thanks for your time, [name removed] and my brother [name removed] and sister [name removed].

Homestead Healthcare

Homestead was extremely responsive and professional in providing for the healthcare-related needs of my parents. Aides were compassionate and professional.

Thank you!

I could not manage without the care of the Homestead staff! [Name removed] and her team are the best. They are attentive, caring, positive, and kind. They know when to alert me to a potential concern and are open to straight forward communication. My mom is in the best care possible. Thank You! 10 stars if I could!

Thank you so much!

My Aunt (91), has been in MI making this her home since graduating from college. No family there altho, many senior friends. We had been investigating senior living options in and around her home. I collecting pamphlets and having my own file as I live in CA, being able to retrieve the similar info when we have phone conversations, is helpful. Late fall, her health found her in and out of hospital, rehab and in home health care, (PT, OT, & case nurse) this continued thru the spring. As insurance tends to some of this for a certain amount of time, it was apparent that the need for continued help as she built her strength would be needed. The PAMPHLET, that lead us to [Removed].
I had given it to her, she phone [Removed], and he introduced her to and Angel Sent from Above.
Not only is [Removed] a very skilled and knowledgeable RN, but the way she treats people with such dignity and respect, as if they were her own family is so reassuring that the care my Aunt has and continues to receive is just perfect in every way.
[Removed] has a way of talking and suggesting, without making my Aunt feel as tho she has no say or control, allowing her to be the independent woman she wants to be, making decisions for herself with regards to her health, home and day to day.
[Removed] is a trusted RN, confidant, friend, and has become like a family member with the care, friendship and yet still being very much a professional. It has been so reassuring as I sit back and watch these two woman, talk, laugh, share stories about everything under the sun, I know my Aunt receives more than just skilled nurse assistance, as [Removed] genuinely cares about her clients/patients well being and comfort and needs no matter what.
My heart is at peace to know we have such a very special person to go to, with any concern, she is an incredible listener, and has great creative advice should something come up. She follows thru and stays true to her word when she says she will call or be there SHE DOES IT.
I would like to thank [Removed], and [Removed] Family and Friends for sharing her with so many others, she works long hard hours and days, and really puts people first, in this busy world this is really rare, individuals are so in a "all about ME mode", [Removed] is 360 in the opposite of that, she is a What Can I Do to Help type of person. I know her Family is her WORLD, and they ARE just as special, as she puts others first and tends to our loved ones. Thank you to them again from my heart you are all so blessed to call her wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt and friend. And to God, thank you for such an Angel on this earth that gives so much of herself and puts families at ease knowing their Sr. family members are given the best care, friendship and loved by [Removed]. SHE IS HANDS DOWN THE BEST RN/CASE NURSE, AND I AM THANKFUL SHE CROSSED OUR PATH, and is OUR [Removed], RN..... love her like family.

the staff is exceptional!

The staff is exceptional. They take wonderful care of my father. They are always patient and cheerful.

Kind Employees

Homestead employees are very prompt when called, they're very kind when helping with tasks.

Great company

My first experience with homestead was when my wife was in the memory care unit. I lived in an apartment and my wife lived in memory care. I Could not adequately take care of her on my own. Memory care at the time was run by Homestead. We were together every day for 5 years. Hospice took over, until she passed. I really appreciated all that Homestead did to make the transition respectable, compassionate and the staff always made me a part of the equation and helped me as a family member as much as they helped my wife.

From the Provider

As one of the largest home are providers in Michigan, we have the know-how, tools and resources to provide you with the best, most comprehensive care. We also deliver highly personalized attention to meet each individual's needs. We are locally owned for more than 25 years.