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From the Provider

Is maintaining your independence and staying in your own home important to you or your loved one? Home care services may be the answer you've been looking for. We bring the benefits of assisted living to you, in your home, on your terms. Every care plan is specifically tailored to you, based on your particular needs.

Care is initiated by you or your family member through a telephone call to our office. At that time we will answer any questions you might have about home care. If you feel that you'd like to explore home care further, we'll set up an appointment for an assessment. The assessment will be at your home and will involve you and whomever else you want to participate. The discussion will cover many aspects of your day to day life to determine areas where you might require some assistance. Our goal is not to take over and do everything for you, but to only supplement and provide you with just the help you need. This initial visit is free and you are under no obligation to go further.

If, however you decide that home care is a suitable and desirable option, then a Care Plan will be written up which details the days and times for a home care visit and it will spell out the specific activities that the caregiver is expected to do during each visit.

The home care visits can usually be started within a day or two. Care Plans are very flexible and we will work together to adjust the plan according to your changing needs.