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Caregiver didn't work out

Linda I thought was working out really well but then I went back to work so I wasn't there and apaprently he went to take a nap and when he woke up she was asleep. Obviously when you're paying someone that's not the best thing but my father in law doesn't have the best memory and sometimes he'll say things that aren't true. We talked to Arcadia about it and they said they were sorry and they talked to her about it, we weren't sure what exactly happened but my husband wasn't very happy.
That's not to say Arcadia did anything wrong, I think we jsut needed to talk to them about getting someone who works better with our schedule. Linda wasn't working real well for activites because she was with someone else in the morning but it sounded like maybe as a family, we could go with her to the senior center to get him some variety but I went back to work and it never happened. They only got out once and I believe everything got accomplished that we asked her to do but it was hard to get him to communicate and say what he wanted. There were so many obstacles to overcome and somebody needs to be there a longer time before he realizes it's a different person. They have kind of kept in touch with us and asked how they could help.