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Customer Reviews

Good Care-Givers

We used this service for a short, temporary assignment in our home. I'm in physical therapy for an injury, and then my husband had surgery. During his recovery, we used this service. All the care-givers were very pleasant, personable, punctual women. They were good with both us, the human clients, as well as our Pride of Five Felines who also needed their care during this recovery period. We are strong individualists. It is not easy for us to have newcomers into our home, in our kitchen, etc. However, these professionals quickly put us at ease. We enjoyed having them help us during this time of need. If we find we need this type of service again, we will certainly call this agency for their good care and assistance.

Only Lasted A Couple Days

I thought home care was a solution to our problem, but our experience with this home care agency wasn't the best. The staff wasn't very professional and was often late of running late. There was a few times I had to change the CNA due to the fact they couldn't stay the hours that I needed to them to stay. With my schedule I have to check up on him through out my day and the neighbor's check up on him through out the day as well. It just wasn't going very well and I knew it wasn't going to work out.

Not reliable!

Would never recommend this place. Totally unreliable caregiver sent out to client. When you pay out big money for caregiver thinking they will be there in much needed times and you could go to work knowing that should happen and it did not pretty much says it will not work out. Few minutes late first day, second day very late arrival. Client very confused and was not to be left unattended for more than a few minutes. Company blowing up my phone at my work place making excuses. Long story short very bad experience from beginning and totally lost faith in them and cancelled after 2nd day.

Very satisfied

The interview process went well. The rep evaluated my husband's situation and identfied a perfect person for us. Her offer to arrange a meeting with our caregiver was instrumental in the process. Our caregiver is phenomenal.

From the Provider

Locally Owned by a Registered Nurse.


An affordable alternative to nursing home care.

Maintain your independence.

Providing care in the comfort of your home.