Hammond Place - North Augusta, SC

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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Hospice Available

Customer Reviews

Buyer Beware!

We made a deposit in August 2018, and were told the deposit was fully refundable. We decided on another facility and asked for the deposit to be returned We have made several requests and are always told, "I'll let you know as soon as we hear something." This is February 2019, and we are still waiting after several contacts. I suppose the next stop is an attorney, magistrate court and filing a complaint with the Secretary of State. I guess this is a case of buyer beware...so, buyer beware. I'll be shocked if this review ever sees the light of day.

Enlivant Marketing

Local Representative

Diane - thanks for letting us know. I have just spoken with the Executive Director at Hammond Place and upon further review, it seems that we never went through with charging for the deposit. We confirmed this with our Accounting department as well. Sorry for the confusion. If you have any further questions, feel free to call the community directly.

Good experience

My mother has lived here for 16 months... we have been pleased overall with the facility... it is very clean ... staff is friendly ...the staff calls me & my mother by name... activities are available for residents several times a week.. music, exercise, bingo etc. security is good.. have never considered moving her for any reason

Very Professional & Friendly Atmosphere

I was in for a visit and tour for the first time. I love the security of the building from the front door and throughout with freedom of the residence to go to the courtyard which is within the center of the building. The front of the facility was inviting from the moment I entered the doors. The staff were very nice as were the residents. I would recommend this facility to anyone looking for an assisted living facility in the North Augusta area. It's even close to University Prompt Care and the WalMart shopping plaza and other shops.

Poor supervision

No RN as advertised and medications have been mixed up numerous times. [Name removed], the head supervisor, seems friendly and efficiently in the beginning but changes quickly. She does nothing when there is a problem. My loved one will be moved as quickly as I can find another place.

A new head person that is knowledgeable and cares would take care of most of the problems.

Medications are not dispensed as ordered. Medications run out and are not reordered in a timely fashion. Pain medication was stolen from two patients and nothing was done about it. The rooms are not cleaned often enough. The head person has been rude several times. Numerous times the front desk was called for help and help never came. They advertise that an RN is on duty and there is no RN there.

No way

I would not recommend Hammond Place in North Augusta South Carolina for anyone. They talk a big talk to get you in and take your $4,000 move in fee. Then everything changes. They are not prepared to provide assistance , nor do some of them want to. Very poor management and very poor care.

Hammond Place Assisted Living

Hammond Place is just what my brother-in-law needed. They meet his needs and have activities for him to get involved. It also gives him a place of his own.

He likes it.

I have a family member who lives at Hammond Place, I was pleased in the beginning, but there was a mistake with the medication. I thankfully caught it and the staff made sure everything was corrected. It was really upsetting. The staff is friendly, the meals are ok, communication is ok, it could be better. The price is high. The outings are good. It is clean. There are activities, a workout room would be nice. The courtyard is beautiful. I would recommend visiting several places.

Two thumbs up

Everyone at Hammond Place was very compassionate, willing and helpful to help us get our loved one situated. This is a very clean place with a locked front door which was a big plus for us. The staff’s attention to each resident was very caring and made us feel like family. I would highly recommend Hammond Place to anyone looking for long term care for their loved one.

Very nice facility, friendly staff, attentive to residents needs, this will fit my mother's budget and needs.

Poor service

My parents were there for about 6 months. My mom has been wheelchair bound for some time and quite often had to wait to be transferred to her bed or even changed if she needed to be changed. My dad sufferes from Alzheimer’s and did alright as long as my mom was there but we moved her to a rehab facility to help with her strength. While he was at Hammond by himself there were at least a couple of instances where they did not get fed on time because they forgot about him and he, because of the Alzheimer’s thought he’d eaten.

I do not recommend anyone who needs anything more than a roof stay here.

WOW- I was very impressed. Upon arrival was met by [name removed]. We had a conversation about my mother and her needs. After a few minutes [name removed] introduced me to the new Executive Director [name removed]. [name removed] and talked a little more about my mother and what her needs were. My Mother refused to come in and take the tour and sat in the car. [name removed] gave me a tour of the facility the different rooms and the activity areas for the residents. She was very clear on the expectations of her staff and knowledge of each and every resident. She answered all my questions to my satisfaction. The facilities were bright and inviting. Very well maintained. At the end of the tour she asked if it would be ok for her to go out and meet my mom. I gave her time to visit with my mom at the car and was blown away by [name removed] concern and kindness. I still want to tour a few more communities. This one opened my eyes to a very good thing for my Mother.

Review of Hammond Place - North Augusta, SC

Facility well kept. Staff courteous and helpful. Food is good, enjoyable place.

We are very happy!!

My mother has recently made the move into this community and I have no complaints of things have been going. We are very happy and could have not picked a better place for my mom to go too. The staff have been very helpful with the transition and are always accommodating my mothers needs to the best of there ability. She has been enjoying the dinning experience with the other residents as well as some of the other activities. Overall it has been a great fit and I would recommend it to anyone.

Able To Have Our Own Security Measure

Mom is still adjusting to being here she is slowly getting used to it. The staff, however, has been amazing they are so nice and friendly. In fact, the administration has worked very well with us in regards to placing a camera in my mom's room so we can see how and what she is doing and it has worked out well for all involved. Mom, for the most part, likes the food they serve the main meal at lunch time and at dinner they have something light. Moms room is spacious enough where she can have some of her own furniture to make it feel like home.

I enjoyed my tour

The community was bright and clean and the staff did a great job on my tour, they answered my questions and I enjoyed being shown around by them. They offer some nice amenities here and daily activities as well. I would definitely recommend that others come and have a look when they are looking for their loved ones.

Lovely Outings!

My mother has recently made the move into this community and I could have not picked a better place for her to go. The staff are excellent from the front door to the back door. I was pleased to see that even with her health she is getting out and enjoying some of the outings they have going and enjoying the social environment. The are making sure she is eating and getting her medication on time so It has given me an overall peace of mind.

The facility was bright and I didn't notice any unpleasant smells. The hallways were wide and the residents seemed to be very happy. The staff interacted with the residents and were friendly. I was especially impressed by the activities that are offered at this facility. This facility came in 2nd in the cost category and would probably be our second choice if it wasn't so far away from our home. We are eliminating this facility at this time due to the distance it is from our home and work and because it is not in the state where our Mom is a current resident.

Very high praise for staff. Very friendly are helpful. Plan to move here when the time comes

Take a look

This community reminded me of a resort when I toured it. They offered some nice amenities and daily activities. They do charge for any extra services your loved one might need such as assistance with their medication. The rooms at this community were a little smaller than at the community we chose. This community does not accept medicaid.

A tour for good care

I toured this community for my mother's care. The community was clean and the staff was friendly. They offered activities. The community did not have the care that I was needing at the time. I would recommend families to tour the community to see if this is what they are needing for the care of a loved one.

Hammond Place - North Augusta, SC

Very nice place for anyone that may need their services. Easy access. Fair food.
Management above average
Good program planning
Kept family members informed
Cost extremely high

Hammond Place - North Augusta, SC

Activities director is great!
Have had lots of personnel turnover
Meds have not been given properly
The money increase is way too often (2k in less then a year & 1 other increase for level of care even though nothing (and I mean nothing) has changed!)
Am looking to relocate her

mom's care

My mom has only been there 12 days but seems to be doing pretty good. The staff are friendly and helpful to her. However she has had a couple of falls we were immediately notified and she was examined for injury. All and all we are satisfied with the food and the staff she us there for respite but considering long term.

Variety Of Activities!!

The community was always kept very nice and clean . They offered a variety of activities from bingo to resident directed exercises. The meals were great, they offered the family members a chance to eat with the residents at any time. The only problem was they wouldn't take special requests such as softer food for my mother since her mouth was sore from her dentures. The staff was over the top. I will very likely recommend this place to a friend.

Hammond Place has been very accommodating towards my grandmother with all of her needs. By working together, we have helped improve her overall state of mind & health. The team here has been great with finding solutions to some of the most common situations that have come up!

Is presently improving but the last year has been less than good. The food has been very poor at times & the turnover of worker has been way too high & so think things are improving & am hopeful that will continue.

We were so favorably impressed the atmosphere, the staff (both), the rooms, and the schedule – everything! Our only problems in that our ages (88 & 89). We may need more help & would have to move again. But for assisted living, this is wonderful!

There needs to be a “new residents “orientation may be there is one now but not 3.5 years ago when our relative moved in.
A registered nurse needs to be at the facility Monday to Friday & some other RN or call weekends they need support & guidance, supervision our relative was able to keep up, know her needs but not all residents competent. There are too few staff members to assist residents, these are over worked & their pay is scant!!
3.5 stars improvement being made but still a way to go!

I have been very pleased with the care that my mother has received at Hammond Place. Everyone have been so kind & helpful, especially Pam Paul!

Review of Hammond Place North - Augusta, SC

Excellent community for seniors that need the assistance offered at Hammond Place. [Removed], the Activities Director, has made big changes for the better in this community. She has exceeded expectations with the residents and their families.

A Peace Of Mind For Me Knowing My Mother Is Well Here

This is a wonderful community. They are doing an amazing job caring for my mother and her needs. The staff is great, they are very caring for her well. The community looks great, I wouldn't had choosen it if it wasn't nice and clean. She is trying some of the activities offered. They offer nice activities and outings outside the community. The chef is outstanding, the meals are really good. I'am very pleased overall. This is a community I would highly recommend.

When I Stopped By

When I came for a visit I did not see many residents. It must have been meal time. The community is clean and the interior looks updated. They were in the process of changing the paint color for the walls. The people were all very nice and I had a good tour. This was not a the place for my mom.

While having lunch at Ryan's this week I had the privilege of meeting your activities director and about five of your residents. The way she assisted and cared for the residents showed how compassionate she is about them; you can really tell she enjoys what she does. I just had to meet her and see where they were from. All the residents were smiling and having a great time. If the entire staff is as loving and caring as her I'm sure that is all around a great place to be. When it's my time Hammond Place will be my first stop.

Review of Hammond Place - North Augusta, SC

We are very satisfied.

Nice place

My experience with Hammond Place was a positive one overall. The place is well kept, and the staff all seemed very friendly. Beth, who helped me out, was informative and professional. I thought the rooms were a nice size for the price. They are worth a look, if you're looking for senior living in the area.

Well Pleased with Support for my Mom

My wife and I are very pleased with the staff and facilities at Hammond Place. We have participated in several special events and look forward to the upcoming college football 'Border Bash'.
My mother is still recovering from a stroke and recent loss of her husband of 63 years. The staff is very helpful in trying to help her cope at both a physical and emotional level. My observation is that the management and facility staff are personally involved on a daily basis with interacting with each resident. There is a 'lightness' and feeling of family amongst both residents and staff.

A Great Place to Live

My husband and I have really enjoyed the experiences we have had at Hammond Place in North Augusta, SC. The staff and administration are great people to work with. If there is a problem they are very quick to respond to it. I am pleased with the care my husband is receiving. He seems content and happy. I would recommend this facility to anyone looking for a place for a love one. The administrator of this site seems to really play a great part in how her staff operates.

A Caring Bunch

Hammonds Place was a Godsend for my husband and I. He was in a place that kept him drugged up most of the time. He is very happy now. He is in a pleasant mood most of the time, they make him comfortable and keep him clean and he loves the food. I'm happy because I know he's being taken care of. The whole staff is a Great Bunch!! They really care.

Review of Hammond Place Assisted Living in North Augusta, SC

Visited Monday. Lots of things I like, very friendly, very attentive, staff does not appear run down themselves; a few concerns for Mom if placed here (no locking her in and she is a HUGE escape risk, 'frequent checks' or not); opened my eyes to 'assisted living' versus 'skilled nursing' in philosophy of care; More expensive than current location.

The place is so homelike an...

The place is so homelike and surroundings are beautiful, away from the road and lots of shade trees. Clean, friendly, very impressive.

The staff has been really great

They have been really pretty accommodating and cooperative. I see the food and it seems good, but she complains about it a lot. It's been a rough transition, she isn't really involved with the activities yet, but they do have them. The staff has been really great, I have no complaints about them.

From the Community

A great place to call home! At Enlivant, we honor the commitments we make to our residents and their families. Our goal is to enhance our resident’s quality of life by providing a warm, caring environment that fosters independence, dignity and choice of each resident.

Our residents are often seen relaxing by the fireplace or enjoying a beautiful sunny day in the courtyard with their neighbors. Each resident is encouraged to maintain their independence and we honor their personal choices.

Residents enjoy private, locking apartments that allow them to decorate just the way they want, with their own personal belongings. Residents and families are involved in making the decisions that affect their lives.

At our residence you’ll find a high level of service with a personal caring touch. We invite you to come join us for a personal visit and experience the care and service we provide.