Gulf Breeze Courtyard - Gulf Breeze, FL

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Customer Reviews

Worst place over. The director [name removed] and [name removed] was always caring and helpful and very considerate with loved ones . However he step downed and a new director took over and had the worst problem with her. She is rude, demanding would call several times threatening to call cops on us if what she wanted was not done. Constant lying about things. Never informed proper dr about patient care. There dr had to find out through a third party telling what happened. Place stinks. No house keeping was done, the resident had dirty rotten food in room. [Language removed] wet clothes,
Would not remove trashed stated it wasn’t there business. Doesn’t have enough staff to help care for residents demanding family members to stay and watch them. Stating it was not in their job description to watch them if they are out of line.
Changed medication on resident with out the proper changes. All I have is bad review and disappointment with this place. Can not handle people with dementia

Clean place Care providers go all out for the people that live there, The activity staff are friendly and are involved with the residents and family members are always welcomed. management always never too busy to answer questions or give tours. Nurses are there 24hrs. Staff friendly and helpful. Dining staff always pleasant and friendly. The staff members are friendly and are always helpful.

Great place for mom!

[removed], caring and compassionate staff. Nursing available 24-7 , clean, odor free, spacious apartments. Great actives and dining program. Highly recommended.

This place is a $#!+ hole.

This place is disgusting!! Smell of urine as you walk in the facility. Residents rooms are disgusting and dirty with feces and urine in the bathrooms and urine soaked carpets. Residents wonder through building with urine soaked as well as feces soaked depends on. Furniture is saturated with urine. Disgustingly, unappealing atmosphere. Residents are left in lobby to just sit there with no stimulation or activities. Residents get the worst care, ever. No proper handwashing, residents with feces under thier nail beds. No proper teeth care, residents breath and teeth are disgusting and dirty, which can cause heart disease, bacteria. Highly uneducated room assistants working there who don't care about anyone but themselves. Residents walking around with thier pants falling down and noone addresses it. Resident's who don't get fed meals because room assistants do not want to bother getting residents up. Residents don't get bathed on schedule, resident assistants make up excuses for not giving showers. Constant gossiping, back stabbing of excellent nurses and room aides. The "ED", likes to keep her staff fighting against each other so that she can feel inferior. The "ED", doesn't know who her residents are and continues to blame other staff for her inconsistencies. The "ED" is never around when you need her and she doesn't want to be the first point of contact, she would rather the first call be to the RAS, DON, then likes to throw her own employees under the bus. The money the residents pay to live in this disgusting building, which should be condemned, is way too much. People, please put your family members in a better place than this [Removed] hole!!


The Courtyard at Gulf Breeze should be condemned. It is absolutely disgusting, dirty and the lack of care makes me wonder why people even house their loved ones there! I visited my grandmother there a few times and the overall lack of cleanliness and disgusting smell made this place awful to even walk in. The food was canned or made by people who had no idea how to cook and the staff had a lot of attitudes. In particular a nurse i think her name was Tammy and a helper person named Melinda had particularly very sour attitudes. Thankfully we moved our grandmother to a much better assisted living facility and she is doing much better where she is now! DO NOT PUT YOUR LOVED ONES HERE! They are neglected and the staff has no compassion whatsoever to care for the residents overall.