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Customer Reviews

Warm, family environment

The Beehive Home of Gulf Breeze provided mother with unsurpassed familial warmth, care, and comfort during her final “golden months.” Mom anticipated with delight her monthly Beehive respite visits with the kind, delightful staff and residents she bonded with in that serene Gulf Breeze home. She regarded them all as her extended family. Sadly, she passed as we were applying for full time residency. The staff provided me and my daughter [mom’s primary caregiver] with thorough reports on mom’s mood and participation in their activities and trips during her regular visits. Moreover, the staff never hesitated to contact me with their concerns or questions regarding mom’s care. I’ve decided that Beehive Homes of Gulf Breeze will someday be my place of residence because its staff and residents emanate the true Hawaiian “Spirit of Ohana.”

Clean, welcoming home away from home

The staff of the Beehive goes over and above to take care of their residents. The facility is more like a home, Open and inviting. It’s always clean. They love to take the residents on field trips and do activities with them. I am well pleased with the facility and would recommend it to anyone.

Beehive Homes Review

Our family member was a resident at this facility. The facility is very understaffed and most employees are quite under qualified. The owners and director make the staff multitask and patient care is one of those tasks. Staff is made to clean, mop, wash clothes, set and clear tables, sometimes cook, all while trying to take care of the residents. On weekends, the staff is reduced. At one time, there was only one person there at night taking care of 18 plus people. After a couple of complaints, another person was added during part of the night. Our family member fell 8 times in two months. We are realistic about falls, but we felt that was unacceptable. I witnessed many other residents falling as well. Several staff members talk to the residents like they are babies and toddlers. Embarrassing comments are made to residents in front of others. For example, the word diaper is used and comments about toilet accidents are made. On several occasions, after a resident had a toilet accident or fall, some staff members would tell them they should have asked for help and then the accident would not have happened. I witnessed that several times. Some of those residents do not realize they need help or should ask for it. Having said that, there were two staff members who would put patient care first before pushing a mop, washing clothes, etc. There was constant gossiping among the staff and director which resulted in a very uncomfortable atmosphere. Our family member is at another facility and we are happy to be around a qualified and caring staff who are always very professional. Please check around before you consider putting your loved one at this facility.

Great Family away from family!!!

My siblings and I made the decision that even with help in the home, she needed more care. We found this gem called Beehive Homes of Gulf Breeze.
The staff are great. They try so hard to immediately answer call lights and handle toileting incidents to provide dignity. Mfood is pretty great. Activities sometimes falter because of things going on (emergencies) in the building. The place is clean and friendly. Staff do special things for residents. Family is always meant to be welcome. They have places families can hang out, play cards, or share a meal with loved ones in the facility.
It is a great place if you want a family atmosphere. That was what our family would know was best for our mom. She had joy again in her life!!!

Very lovely home living. Staff was very friendly.
They do not offer the care my Mother would
Be needing.