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Customer Reviews

Heres my story...

About 18 months ago, my sister and I realized that my parents needed a caregiver to be present in their home 24/7. My father has Lewy Body Dementia and Stage 4 cancer and my mom has Alzheimer's. We started with one company but there were problems. Caregivers were not dependable and petty disagreements between caregivers distracted from my parent's care. We also did not have a clear idea of what had transpired during our absence. We decided to switch to a different company, Griswold. A major difference is that these caregivers are Certified Nursing Assistants. As my dad's challenges have progressed, I have seen the benefits of having caregivers trained as CNA's. I needed help taking him to the doctor. Both of the caregivers knew how to speak to him to get him in and out of the car and assist. I also watched as one of the caregivers let my dad do as much as he could to eat on his own, quietly encouraged him, and then, helped to ensure he got enough to eat and drink. She had a calm and caring manner about her which was soothing to me also. I am grateful, we made this choice to change companies. We also have a portal to see and hear how the day and night went. I would highly recommend this company.

Griswold Home Care has worked with my family to assist my mother and mother-in-law. The office staff communicates beautifully with us to meet our exact needs. Each caregiver that has worked for us is professional, knowledgable and most importantly kind and loving to our mothers. Griswold Home Care has specific requirements for their employees to ensure the best care for your loved one. I would highly recommend their services.

Very convenient

I hired Griswold to come in and check on my wife from time to time while I was away. The caregiver did an excellent job. She was good with communicating and took my wife out to lunch a couple of times. I will utilize their services again.

Doing just fine

It's been a pleasure working with Griswold Home Care. I have a caregiver close to my age which I really enjoy and she really pays attention to detail. Always on time and very friendly. I am very happy with their services so far.

Great Home Care Service

My Mom is using their services. They are a very friendly and knowledgeable staff. They are professional , prompt and very concerned about Mom's well being. They have driven her to appointments and did a fine job. My only concern is that we have had 2 different caregivers in the last 4 weeks. It seems the good ones need more hours and then move on!

They have been pretty good, and they are reliable too.

They have been pretty good, and they are reliable too. They are giving us a consistent caregiver. We haven't had any concerns at all, the billing is fine. They are also one of the less expensive agencies that we looked at and they have done a good job.

Good service

It’s so tailored and there’s no commitments or contracts. They let you change things on the fly so that it works out how you need it to. That it’s so very flexible is a huge benefit. We’re very new to the service, but so far it’s working out really well for us.

Great help when you need it!

My mom recently experienced some health setbacks and was unable to keep up with her daily life. The team at Griswold Home Care were able to pitch in and ease the stress the situation caused for the entire family. Most importantly my Mom. Thankfully her situation was temporary. The ability, ease and comfort of finding the right fit is an immense life saver. Mom was treated as a person with dignity and respect. The agency listened to our needs and selected the perfect person to fill the job. As a former Home Health Aide I am very familiar with what is and is not out there. My high bar was passed. Rates are reasonable.

Great staff

We liked the owners of the company, they were real nice, they always had people available, they had a real nice staff. In fact, we keep in touch with one of the little girls that had to quit and it just worked out that at the time she was quitting we had to move mom over to eagles trace because she was gettin worse, so she calls up and checks in on her.

From the Provider

GRISWOLD SPECIAL CARE is a non-medical home care company serving Houston and the surrounding communities. We refer Caregivers who provide care services in the client's home or facility of choice including personal care, homemaking, companionship, and other home care services in Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas.