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Customer Reviews

Don't move to GSV Hastings

This is not a good place for you or your loved one. I only lived there a couple months in senior housing - not nursing home care. During that time I was amazed at how many people hated it and were looking to move because it was poorly managed, treated residents unfairly, flatout lying to residents, very understaffed so things they promise will be done never get done, and no one ever gets treated the same. People want a consistant set of rules that everyone can live by in harmony. There also was a huge bug problem. When I asked people who had lived there more than a year, they said there was the year before too, so they have not fixed the problem.

This was the most shocking fact. When I started looking at other housing options, I told people I was at GSV but not satisfied and looking for a new place. One manager told me she gets 30 calls per day from GSV residents or family members looking to move. I thought she had mis-spoken, so I specifically asked, " per day or month?" She confirmed it was per day. Said it's the most time consuming thing she does everyday - dealing with unhappy GSV calls. Then this was backed up by a second manager at another place who told me she got 20 calls a day. I knew people didn't like it at GSV, but these numbers shocked me. If you are shopping for retirement/senior living, I invite you to confirm this yourself. Say to other properties in town, "I'm over at GSV, but not happy. I bet that's not the first time you have heard that." Then just let them respond.

I also found out the CEO in SD spent $30 million on renovating the corporate headquarters including a heated garage at work for his car, multiple fireplaces in his office suite, a private bathroom with shower, etc. this explains why the facilities don't have budget money to properly staff to even get the yards mowed. Several residents I knew bought their own lawn owners and would mow again after the yard crew because it was done so badly. In 2016, rents were raised twice. And please note, you do not sign a Lease at GSV. Therefore you don't have the protection of the NE Landlord-Tenant laws. You have very little recourse on anything, even the bug infestation. Your recourse is to move.

Fabulous place

This is an amazing place, and my loved one lived happily here for quite a while. I'd recommend this place to anyone, they get top marks across the board from me. The only reason we moved my loved one out was that she ended up needing to be closer to family.