Good Hands Senior Care - Santa Ana, CA

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Customer Reviews

Avoid This Place!!!

To anyone who truly cares about their loved one: AVOID GOOD HANDS SENIOR CARE!! I placed my father here in October 2018, and removed him after just four days. I visited him each day that he was there, and was horrified and upset by what I saw.

Good Hands is a senior board & care home owned by a [removed] guy named [name removed]. At first, [name removed] seemed friendly and accommodating, but in the end, I was left with serious doubts as to his integrity and compassion. It's all about the bottom line for him.

The caregiver that [name removed] hired, [name removed], was unqualified for the job. [Name removed] could barely understand or speak English, and had difficulty communicating with the residents. He also had little to no knowledge of my father's medical problems. Despite the detailed medical history that was given to [name removed] upon admission, [name removed] was completely unaware of my father's diabetes, and fed him sugary items like orange juice with his meals and cookies for dessert!

During the time that my father stayed there, the weather was very hot and the temperature in the house was 80-82 degrees. But [name removed] was reluctant to turn on the AC; he said that [name removed] had told him not to. Instead, the front door of the house was left wide open to increase air flow. However, since there was no screen door, numerous HUGE horseflies were allowed to fly inside. Flies buzzed around everywhere, including in the bedrooms and in the kitchen (at mealtimes). One resident told me that they had requested a screen door for the house several times, but [name removed] never bothered to install one.

This lack of care for hygiene also was apparent in the state of my father's bedroom. Upon arrival, the room that had been "prepared" for my father was dirty and dusty, and the furniture was ancient, with filthy drawers. There were several dead horseflies on the bed and the windowsills. The floor had obviously not been swept or mopped. It was truly disgusting.

Ultimately, in the short time that my father was there, he did not do well; his appearance became disheveled, his legs swollen, and his lips dry and cracked. I pulled him out of that place, and it was the best thing I could have done for him. Now he is in a board & care in Irvine, and for $500 more per month, my father is safe, comfortable, clean, and well taken care of by two caregivers with medical training.

I Enjoyed the Tour

I had a nice tour but I saw that is a board and care and they are licensed for 6 residents. I think they had 4 residents there at the time. The owner and his wife were nice when I met them. The owner emphasized that he cooks healthy and fresh food and they eat with the residents.