Gold Choice Assisted Living and Memory Care - Deltona, FL

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Customer Reviews

Caring team members

Trying to find placement for a family is very hard, but with Gold Choice they made it so easy for me to decide. Everyone there is so compassionate and loving towards not only the resident but also to each other. They make sure their residents keep their dignity and continue to enjoy life in their new home. Whenever I need to speak to some one and have questions they are always readily available and call back before the end of the business day if they were busy earlier. They assist their residents in many ways and make sure their needs are taken care of. Thank you for your services and all you do .

Great facility!

I work in the healthcare industry, and go in to visit patients at Gold Choice Deltona very frequently. I have always been impressed at the care the customers receive at all hours of the day. Most of the time, the customers are out of their rooms, involved in activities all throughout the building--even in memory care. This is not always the case at Assisted Living facilities and it's nice to see our seniors' quality of life being maintained to the fullest. The staff have always gone above and beyond for their customers to ensure their happiness. If I had a family member in need of Assisted Living, Gold Choice would be my choice!


I have decided to move my father out of this particular assisted living facility. People are constantly falling out of bed and lay for several hours before anyone finds them . Another man recently fell in the shower and broke his neck and nobody knows how long he was there .
The head nurse is very condescending negative and rude to family members of residents. The front office administrator is quite green in her experience and has no idea and how to deal with people and every time I’ve ever been in there which is quite frequently I always see her sitting in another woman’s office talking and I have never seen her up and around the building visiting residents. They do not have proper handicap accessible doors that lead out to the back patio and makes it very difficult for the elderly with walkers and or wheelchairs to get in and out . One lady got stuck out there without any assistance and was overheated and I just happened to be there that day and found her. They only take their residence out twice a month to run errands. The food is disgusting I have no doubt that their own staff does not eat there . do not be fooled by the pretty paint job the new building in the pretty chairs in the hallways . it’s all lipstick on a pig .
The Only positive thing that I can say for this facility is the activities director is a doll . I truly fear for the people that are there that do not have visitors to check on them regularly . Furthermore it worries me How my own father is being treated when I’m not there.
If you do not love your mother, your father are your grandparents or any other loved ones this is the place for them!!