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Customer Reviews

Overpriced and Understaffed

I would never recommend this place to anyone, this place is so mismanaged. My grandmother stayed here and due to the lack of care, she fell and ended up in the hospital several times, she was never the same. One of the nurses would argue with her, trying to correct her, she has Alzheimers, can't you just agree with someone and leave it alone, why do you feel the need to anger her by being right?, It is supposed to be a locked facility but my grandmother left several times and they had to go running after her. At the end she was barely eating, she needed help but was not given it, we were told she was dying, we took her out of that place and brought her to another place where they restored her back to health and she was able to enjoy the remaining time in her life with care and love.

Much Better

So far they seem like they are doing a fine job. He’s only been there a short time, but we’re much happier here than we were at the previous community. It can take a little time for someone to adjust after moving.