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Nobody should have to go through the trauma this place hands out to anyone who innocently goes there.

Maybe i'm being overly critical, but i am being compelled to speak up. i was taken to the Englewood Health and Rehb ctr from the Lutheran Hospital following a CVA suffered on July 13, 2013. They came to the hospital room and picked me up with a wheel chair equipped van. The wheel chair provided didn't have a foot rest, and my foot became turned under because i wasnt able to hold my foot up. That was the first thing. Then, upon arrival at the ctr. The reception committee met me in my room, these were two of the residents who said they wanted to see what i had, and choose what they wanted from me. Glad i didn't bring anything with me.

Then, the staff came in and informed me that if i wanted a bath while there, i would have to wait until my designated day, then told me my day. 1 bath a week? wow!

Then, they come in and persuade me to put my wallet in the safe, because "Everything is open here." oh. i gave her my wallet, with my i.d. and about $14.00 in it. Then, i asked to use a phone. Then, i asked my son, Dave to come and pick me up and take me back home to get clothes. he showed up, and brought me home. I was there for about an hour,and never went back to that awful place.

It gets better. The next morning, there was a knock on my door,, it was this coordinator, from the ctr. Who, after i let her in, got right in my face and screamed because i walked out, escaped without telling the person i wasn't coming back. OH, she threatened to black list me, so i'll never get in a nursing home in this state. again. i didn't care what she was threatening. i told her i was in there for occupational therapy. Then she told me i only saw the permanent residents, not the rehab people.
Then, my son went back there and tried to get my wallet and other belongings out of their safe. Finally after several attempts, they relinquished my belongings. Everything waS there.

Dave told me i should have let him know what was going on there, and why i wanted him to help me flee.

From the Community

Living well is the lifestyle you will find at Englewood Health and Rehabilitation. Our well-trained, compassionate staff supervises every aspect of our resident’s wellness. With 24-hour nursing care, Englewood focuses on the entire spectrum of one’s well-being; from their physical and emotional health to their needs for friendship and intellectual stimulation.Our community is composed of multiple "neighborhoods," with a community dining area, and beautiful lounge. The rooms are decorated tastefully in a homelike manner while featuring electric beds, handicap accessible bathrooms and a team of eager professionals anxious to serve.