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I paid $100 for four hours of a caregiver's time. She was asked to sign me out of MD Anderson after a routine endoscopy. Her total time involvement came to less than two hours.

The woman was nice enough but couldn't read the number on the valet parking ticket. That was time lost. When the car was brought around, I had to wipe off the passenger seat of papers and food wrappers and sit in another pile of junk at my feet.

The woman (I'm not using her name because I don't want to cost her her job) couldn't read her GPS on her Iphone, didn't know the area and finally I had to look up a route on my Iphone and read it to her.

I have terminal liver cancer and the delays caused me to feel worse than I should have. All I needed was to get from point A to point B in a minimum amount of time.
It shouldn't have been that difficult.

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