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On second thought......

Un4tunately, now that the thaw has arrived, I regretfully report that every other third floor front unit in each of 7 buildings at 71 to 85 Washington are experiencing caved in ceilings due to water leaks from external roof top vents. The affected unit (not mine) in my building has leaks/caving ceilings in the center of both bedrooms so the retired gentleman, with respiratory issues does NOT have a dry bed to sleep in! Several calls to ELRL went unanswered, he finally had a rep come yesterday and take pictures, but he is STILL in the unit! There are 2 mt units in my building, both have been mt 4 at least 3 months. I would have hoped ELRL would have placed these un4tunate residents in those 2 units, temporarily, as their own units will need extensive repair after the thaw is over and things dry out. Plus, he is suffering "water torture" ALL nite, and then has 2 wash/dry in the am. (in our pay washer/dryer)! This was an exceptional winter, granted, and they r relatively new roofs. BUT, these r elderly people, some renting here 4 several years and never missed a payment and paid increases without complaint! Our live in super has been/is wonderful, but this winter has been exceptionally bad/hard on him, as he takes the flack! I am disappointed in ELRL's response (more lack of response) to these people.

Beware !!

If you are looking for small town living this is for you. It is a beautiful town and area. If you are looking into ELRL, beware ! Apartment buildings are not up to par. widows are very old and do not keep out the cruel winter air. Baseboard heaters are antique and a huge burden on your wallet. I was told I would never have a hydro bill over 50.00, my first one in October, just slightly cold out, was 160.00 !! I, as most I know here, do not use them, we purchase small energy efficient space heaters and sigh up for equal billing on hydro. You can complain about the cleanliness of the common areas or the functioning/maintenance of elevators....air exchange/heating units for common areas until you turn blue......nothing will be done ! Oh yes they will placate you, everything is being looked into, then forget about you.
They bend over backwards to get you here, free room for the night, take a tour and only show you the model apts. Sell the beauty of the area and activities available, but once you are here do nothing to keep you here. they rely on the fact that most of us have given up our homes and friends to move here for the perfect retirement and we cant afford or aren't able to go back, we have no choice but to stay.


OK, so obviously some people r disenchanted with Elliot Lake (and Retirement Living). They have been TOTALLY up front with us. There are some things here that are out of their control and things that can change, daily, for better or worse. I have several problems with the provincial and federal governments related to "early retirement claw backs and drug coverage (Trillium) issues/misrepresentations", but these r in NO WAY the fault of "Retirement Living". The Dr. situation here changes with the political wind and sometimes OLD info gets recycled/NOT deleted, just a cyber goof, NOT a misrepresentation by Retirement Living. I was the president of a 20 unit condo in Hamilton, prior to coming here. I fielded alot of unfounded claims/accusations there myself. NO WHERE else in Canada could I find ANYWHERE to live as affordably/comfortably as u can here, on CPP alone, at 61! We have a VERY nice 2 br. apt. in a VERY nice complex of mixed ages. Yes, people move in and out. This is the first time in my life I have EVER rented and am extremely satisfied. I am in the low rise ELRL complex on Washington. Our heating/cooling bill (hydro) has never exceeded $75/month here, and it was an extremely/unusually hot summer. I came here for peace and quiet! Not shopping and confusion! There are MANY activities/volunteer opportunities if you wish. We have an informal group of VERY interesting people in this particular complex, and NO elevators 2 complain about! Food and gas (car) are like anywhere else, I look for the deals, I am on limited income. This apartment is only $630/month, parking spot (with hydro) included, at $12/month. As a former Mr fix it, I LOVE renting, NO complaints about repairs or rules! You can get as involved or NOT involved, in the community, as u want. I have run into ALOT more friendly people here, on a per capita basis, than ANYWHERE across Canada, except maybe the maritimes. My father actually advised an older friend of ours, in Hamilton, NOT to relocate here because "you know no one there". My parents then developed Alzheimers and are degenerating in Hamilton and "know no one there anyway", a short time later. There are MANY interesting people here with MANY interesting stories about life experiences. Yes, Elliot Lake may not be for everyone, but for people like myself with no financial choice anyway, it is an opportunity! Without ELRL, I would still be struggling to survive in Hamilton, and STILL wind up here at 65 anyway.

Not what it seems

We booked a tour for January of 2019. Seeing the web page for ELRL we were impressed with the rental units they advertised. Keep mind we travelled 7.5 hours one way to attend this tour. We were shown a few highlights of the town ie: walking trails and high school running track (all good for an amputee with one leg) There is very little to boast about. We were shown a number of rental units (4) two of which were rent ready and two were under repair.

The last unit we saw was acceptable to us as far as layout and being a single floor unit. Upon inquiring of renting this unit we were told that if we wanted to rent we would have to take possession of the unit Feb 1 of 2019. There was no wiggle room. So in essence we would have to pay double rent for 60 days in order to acquire it. Some units are advertised with Gas Fireplace. This is nothing more than a cheap space heater placed in the corner of the main living area to supplement the inefficient electric baseboard heating. I can only imagine your hydro bill in the dead of winter. Some of the units boast a garage, they aren't big enough to comfortably park your car let alone get in and out of. (you may have to go Nascar and climb in and out of the vehicle windows). Overall we found this to be a total waste of time. A tiny remote town sounds very nice until you see it first hand. If you're contemplating a move to Elliot Lake maybe you're better off to buy a residence here. It's affordable Living with a lot to hide!


A horrible place to live.
There's is a 2 year waiting list to get a doctor.if you need a specialist you have to travel to sudbury or sault St Marie No theaters or night time activity.
The sidewalks tool up at 6pm
No bus service on Sunday so you can't get to church
While your rent maybe cheap you are not told the heating cost is $300-400/m, cable tv $100+/m for basic cable.
1 crappy over priced store to buy clothes
People move out as fast as they move in, while I was there I saw 20 people move into my building none stayed more than 3 months.
If you want to keep your sanity do NOT move to this boring isolated town you will go crazy.
Retirement living LIES through there teeth. In 5 month period my building had 6 different superintendents.5 had no idea what they were doing, the only good one got fired after 2 months because he refused to do illegal things, ie they paint over BLACK MOULD!!

Very Unsatisfied

ELRL lies about their accommodations! I was shown "model suites" and told all apartments were fully renovated..not true. A senior's bldg. that can't accommodate walkers, wheelchairs etc., old outdated, inefficient, baseboard heaters & windows (very expensive hydro bills), without a superintendent for almost 3 months, elevators always out of service. This just a short list of problems. Transportation is a major problem...in town bus service stops at 6pm and no Sunday service. Getting out of town is expensive, if you can find a way other than driving yourself, in Winter it can be very dangerous. Medical care is horrendous even if you can find a doctor. In the long run it's more expensive to live here. The town itself is beautiful and there's some wonderful people here. ELRL owns a large percentage of this town and they take advantage of it! Be very careful. I'm leaving in the next few months never to return. It's been an emotional and financial burden for me.

From the Community

Elliot Lake Retirement Living, located in the City of Elliot Lake, Ontario. provides independent living, affordable rental accommodations to retirees. Offering 1, 2 & 3 bedroom apartments, 2 & 3 bedroom townhomes and 2 & 3 bedroom homes for rent at affordable rates. Contact us on the web at www.retireelliotlake.com or toll free at 1-800-461-4663.