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Customer Reviews


A horrible place to live.
There's is a 2 year waiting list to get a doctor.if you need a specialist you have to travel to sudbury or sault St Marie No theaters or night time activity.
The sidewalks tool up at 6pm
No bus service on Sunday so you can't get to church
While your rent maybe cheap you are not told the heating cost is $300-400/m, cable tv $100+/m for basic cable.
1 crappy over priced store to buy clothes
People move out as fast as they move in, while I was there I saw 20 people move into my building none stayed more than 3 months.
If you want to keep your sanity do NOT move to this boring isolated town you will go crazy.
Retirement living LIES through there teeth. In 5 month period my building had 6 different superintendents.5 had no idea what they were doing, the only good one got fired after 2 months because he refused to do illegal things, ie they paint over BLACK MOULD!!

Very Unsatisfied

ELRL lies about their accommodations! I was shown "model suites" and told all apartments were fully renovated..not true. A senior's bldg. that can't accommodate walkers, wheelchairs etc., old outdated, inefficient, baseboard heaters & windows (very expensive hydro bills), without a superintendent for almost 3 months, elevators always out of service. This just a short list of problems. Transportation is a major problem...in town bus service stops at 6pm and no Sunday service. Getting out of town is expensive, if you can find a way other than driving yourself, in Winter it can be very dangerous. Medical care is horrendous even if you can find a doctor. In the long run it's more expensive to live here. The town itself is beautiful and there's some wonderful people here. ELRL owns a large percentage of this town and they take advantage of it! Be very careful. I'm leaving in the next few months never to return. It's been an emotional and financial burden for me.