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My dad spent 3-½ months here before we finally decided to move him to another facility. When he first arrived they lost his good walker and could not find it. He complained constantly about being mistreated. We took his complaints with a grain of salt, because he was starting to show signs of dementia - however we are suspicious about the constant appearance of new skin tears and wounds without any explanation from the facility.

Then he lost his dentures and they could not find them - we never got them back and never got reimbursed for them. Then his watch turned up missing. He lost so much clothing we lost count. One time when I visited, he was sitting near the nurses station completely soaked from wetting himself. I waited a while to see if anybody noticed, but had to bring it to their attention before anything was done. On Thanksgiving day we arrived to find him sitting near the nurses station wearing nothing but an adult diaper. He had his head through the arm hole of his t-shirt. One of the nurses was dispensing medication from her cart right next to him and had to stammer an explanation when we arrived. It was clear they were not interested in helping him.

When we had billing questions, it was impossible to get anybody on the phone. The voice mail messages in the billing office said it would be 24-48 hours before you received a call back. So frustrating.

When we finally did move him, I waited 2-½ months for the refund against his unused days (about $10,000) before I finally decided to call and ask about it. I learned they had not even begun processing it. The person in the billing department told me it would take about 30 days to process the refund. Unbelievable!

This place is expensive by Buffalo standards. At times they seemed under-staffed. At other times I would see large groups of aids sitting at the nurses station, socializing, while residents were asking for help and the aid alarm was sounding non-stop. Good people seem to constantly be leaving. The employees seem unhappy.

Dad is now in a much better facility. The care he gets is two times as good and 12% cheaper. Take a good hard look before you place your loved one at Elderwood. Don't let the pretty landscaping fool you.

They seemed very professional in away...

They seemed very professional in away but a lot of the patients weren't quite as aware as my mom is.

Nice Location Kind of sterile.

Nice location. When I saw it there was something about it, I don't know it seemed kind of sterile. The semi-private rooms were not very private.

More than mom needed

We were seriously thinking about putting mom here, but luckily mom didn't need that level of assistance because they're really advanced over here.