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Customer Reviews


Great company and easy to work with. They really helped my family find a caregiver that fit all our needs.

A+ Service for Mom

My family and I had an incredible experience with Elder Care Homecare. Between the quickness/responsiveness that they provided to the quality of the aide and professionalism of the nurse, [name removed], our experience couldn't have been better. While entrusting our mom's health to any agency could have caused us stress, working with Elder Care Homecare put us all at tremendous ease. Even better, they were super helpful in processing and taking care of our long term care insurance. All around, it was an A+ experience, thank you again!

Great company

The aides are fantastic. They truly care and have made such a difference in my grandparents lives! Thank you elder care

Great service

We worked with Elder Care and they really helped when my family needed support a few times a week. They even sent their nurse to the hospital for an assessment within an hour of us calling since we needed services the following day. The value that Elder Care places on ensuring timely assistance and care is clear from my pleasant experience and certainly provided peace of mind that my grandmother would be provided with high quality, compassion-driven care!

Very helpful

Great organiation, really helped my family. We called on a Friday night and they had someone available by Saturday morning. Was really a pleasure to work with them.

When one of my family members fell and fractured her hip, Elder Care helped coordinate all the temporary services we needed. We requested help for two to three weeks and the Elder care team was extremely flexible and helpful. They even helped us coordinate our Medicare services including speaking we the social worker at the facility to ensure all necessary equipment was ordered for our home.

Help for Mom after hospitalization

Everyone was very professional and on point with communication. Never an issue speaking directly with management. Aid was very helpful and a very pleasant person. Would highly recommend Elder Care.

Couldn't be happier

I have worked with Elder Care twice in the past. They were extremely diligent and could always be reached immediately when I had any questions or concerns. I also referred them to a close family friend that came out of surgery and needed temporary care. They did not hesitate to help and found a great fit for the days following the surgery.

Great team!

Elder helped me and my siblings find good aides for my family. The team was responsive and willing to help when needed.

Great Home Care

I was referred to Elder Care by a facility when my Aunt was getting discharged. They were able to send a nurse to assess my aunt the same day and place an Aide with her by the following day. The team was easy to work with and extremely responsive. The my aunt can be difficult and the side they found was absolutely wonderful.

Family Assistance

I worked with Elder Care Homecare after my grandfather left the hospital. They made the transition home seamless and really helped our family put everything in place. Once my grandfather was home, elder care placed two wonderful aides to help with his recovery. I would highly recommend working with them.

Unequivocally Recommended - True Blessing to our Family

My family utilized Elder Care Homecare Agency to look after our grandfather after he took a bad fall down the stairs. My parents (and I) would have wanted to be there everyday for him, but the team at Elder Care Homecare was truly a blessing to work with.

The entire team was extremely responsive and supportive in the midst of this obviously highly-stressful and worrisome time. Additionally, during one of their nurses’ visits, they informed me of a health issue and rushed him to the ER (while of course, keeping my entire family informed) - which saved my grandfather from worse medical issues.

He’s doing much better and my family really appreciated the Elder Care team’s support for us, and especially for my grandfather. Unequivocally recommended!

Fantastic Service

My family used Elder Care to help with my grandparents in NY. We live in Chicago, so coordinating the care and finding a trustworthy aide to live with my grandma was difficult. Luckily we were referred to [Removed] and she took care of everything. My grandmother loved her companion and their team attended doctor's appointments, coordinated medication and everything else that we were not able to do on a daily basis. They were great.

Elder Care Homecare was so helpful - I highly recommend.

When my 85 year old father was released to his home from rehabilitation after a long hospital stay we were immediately confronted with difficult issues. How did we adjust his physical set up (bed, chair, eating)? How did we manage the medication and home rehab schedule? How to identify what the appropriate aide schedule and qualifications were?
We called [Removed] at eldercare who was recommended by an elder law attorney. She came that day to assess my father's needs re all of the above. Organized the necessary equipment deliveries including hospital bed and oxygen. Supervised the first aides to be hired to be sure they could move him safely. Made sure I connected with the appropriate agencies for his in-home rehab. And made us feel that we could in fact manage this difficult though all too common situation. She was completely confident and thorough and followed up as needed. I can recommend her service without hesitation.

Elder Care Homecare

My family hired Elder Care to care for my grandfather. We originally hired another home care agency which was ultimately a nightmare. They had over 6 Aide's working at our home and when we asked if we could have only 2-3 cover our grandfather, they basically ignored our request. When we decided to switch we were deciding between Elder Care and one of the large national Home Care Agencies.

Both agencies seemed to provide great Aides that could care for my grandfather, but we decided on Elder Care since they seemed to be more responsive and hands on. They provided us with a phone number to the Director of Patient Services where she was available 24/7. My family really appreciated the continuity and knowing their was one Nurse who was an expert on our grandfather's care that was available(rather than a calling service or having different shifts for nurses at the larger agencies).

Even recently, no one from my family was able to visit my grandfather to put his medication in his medical box due to the snow storm. We immediately called Elder Care and informed them of this issue. Elder Care quickly responded that they would take care of this and that our family should not worry. We figured we would get charged for the home visit by a nurse, but they never charged us. We brought this up the next time we spoke to [Removed](the Director of Patient Services), and she responded that her team was happy to help during the emergency and not to worry about it.

Elder Care has done an amazing job with the care for our grandfather. We were extremely surprised by the level of compassion and care they provided after our first experience, but could not be happier with our choice.

Great service and support

I needed immediate help with my father's care last year and was referred to Elder Care by a close friend. Although my family only utilized their services for a few months, they were beyond helpful and responsive. Their team visited our home the same day we reached out and had an aide in the home the following day. Every week their nurse visited my grandfather's home and gave me an update on his health and care. This really helped appease my worries during weeks when I couldn't visit him and see him myself. I really appreciated the quality of care and compassion Elder Care showed my father and my family.

Grandma's in good hands

Elder Care helped my family when we decided to hire a companion for my grandmother. We wanted to be proactive with her care, so we spoke with a number of friends who had gone through this process for their parents or grandparents. One of our close friends recommended Elder Care.

The Director [Removed] not only walked us through all the consideration and steps to become more prepared, but also visited my grandmothers home to assess her needs. It was all quite overwhelming, but [Removed] expertise and her personal touch made all the difference. She was extremely thorough and made sure to tell us which items were critical, while emphasizing which would improve quality of care and make our lives easier (some items were pricey, so our family had discussions over which investments in her care we would make).

Then Elder Care offered for us to interview the two Aides that they recommended for my grandmother. We loved both of them and appreciated that Elder Care wanted to ensure we were happy before beginning their services.

Elder Care was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend using Elder Care, but if not, make sure you trust the team in control of your loved one's care. The horror stories out there are frightening!