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this nursing home is filthy. I wouldn't board a dog in there

know your rights!!!!

I would like to discuss the issue of a camera on in the showerroom. Also how elant of fishkill is ALLOWED to have installed hidden cameras IN private rooms of residences . I don't know how or why if the state or DSS knows about how they would allow such practices to go on. They need inspectors in there to do a very thorough job in looking out for these specifics. There are many residences who are now VERY concerned and demand changes SUCH as I have stated here and elsewhere. They even have had occasions where the residence had belongings [Removed] from them while out of the room for an extended period of time. Also the residences money They receive is also a major concern. They are in cahoots with one another in who gets what and when as far as the residence is concerned. There is no rhyme or reason why this is going on. A residence has a right to complain both on paper and in person without the staff retaliating against him or her. This is not a correction facility. Residence have a right to complain and voice their concerns without fear of retaliation of all sorts. [Removed] are just as serious as [Removed]. They have young people who work in here who go along with what goes on against the resident as well as some other staff. Which weather they realize it is personal [Removed]. And also public intimidation of other residences and staff has been noticed as well. Which NEEDS to END!!!!!

keep your eyes and ears wide open.

I read the 1 and only review. And that person was spot on with their assessment of the overnight staff's attitude and behavior with SOME of the residents. It mostly has to do with also their ages and lack of experience in the health field and around certain kinds of residences and their medical problems. I even witnessed the 1st shift complaining how there is always a mess left behind from certain CNA's while caring for the residence. Like the last reviewer stated there are 8 hours in a shift. More then enough time to get their share of the work done. Also ALOT of the nurses don't always follow procedures. I only know of 1 nurse who does vitals during the first shift and the other nurses on the 2nd and third don't. The overnight nurse waits until at least an hour or 2 before the shift is over to do vitals if done at all. Then they don't look carefully at the medication chart to verify what medications to give the resident patient and if at all. I had a situation recently where a nurse in the ER named a medication that she seen on the chart given and it was not the correct medication. The medication was discontinued and replaced with another. For the same SUPPOSED ailment. Then there are way too many occasions if a patient gets the copy of their medication list where it lists unspecified. Which obviously it doesn't have to necessarily mean for that particular issue. Which is VERY deceiving. Then there was another occasion where the unit manager gave a requested form of medications to the resident and then a short time later another list. 1 had no medications listed and the other had at least 3 or more on their list. Also there was yet another occasion where the residents nurse who had a personal grudge against her had took it upon himself to missiagmose her on purpose on paper. She went to her Dr at the time and both showed her and told her about what she witnessed. The Dr said it was typed in WRONG and later was fixed. There is also 2 copies of residents medications one in their folder and another on the med cart. If someone took the time to compare they would notice the differences. Also I was told a few weeks ago by the survey person here that they can't question anymore residents about there stay here. According to her the state says it's too predjudicial against the facility. I've seen the rating chart. I'm not sure how to rate it since I'm mot displeased with everyone in the facility. Its just a few that ruin it for everyone. UNFORTUNATELY.

Night staff at Elant of Fishkill is AWFUL

While the Rehabilitation part of this facility has been very good the evening care is awful. Young staff who are inexperience and have no patience for the elderly could careless and treat and speak to them awful. I am completely disgusted! My mom is there rehab for a minor stroke. The therapists are doing a good job. But my mom has lost weight and the night staff treats her terribly. I find that when I have spoken with member of the staff they are unfriendly and unknowledgeable. It is heartbreaking. Not only for my mom, but the rest of the patience there. There is approximately 8 hours of evening staff that has been verbally and physically abusive. My family has already reported them. It is sickening and completely heartbreaking. If you have a family member that is is there. Keep you eyes and ears open.