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Men's Hobbies Could Get You Denied Here

I gave five stars because it's a fact that Dunn is a great retirement community having very high standards... I do know several Dunn residents.


Your chances of being accepted at Dunn Towers are not very good If you're a man with hobbies that will take up apartment space, such as hobbies where you use a workbench. Getting into Dunn, and your retirement future, is at the mercy of being judged by woman over half your age. You see, they do a home visit. When the home visit woman visited me, she was very courteous, respectful and professional. However, I was denied and told I should "weed out" my hobby equipment. I really believe she saw my hobby as junk that can simply be discarded! I think that was insensitive to me and my hobby, which is fixing tube amplifiers and radios. But I understand, to someone who knows nothing about this hobby, my small studio apartment could look more like a workshop or storage area.

I'll bet the home visit woman wouldn't have this reaction to seeing, for example, an elderly woman seamstress' apartment piled high with materials all over the place. Or pack-rat woman whose apartments are wall to wall dolls and antiques. As woman, the Dunn office personal might instinctively relate to such hobbies, while naturally viewing my hobby as junk. As such, they may be subconsciously and unintentionally showing a preference towards choosing woman residents.

This all goes to show, as with any apartment property, you may be next on the waiting list but that does not mean you're next to take residence.

I tried to make the Dunn woman see that my studio apartment is cluttered due only to its small size. The Dunn apartment I was shown is a more roomy one bedroom apartment that has a huge storage closet. I pleaded with them that I would store my hobby stuff in that closet. Out of site. No clutter. But they still denied me.

To be fair, I should note that another reason for my denial was that my current apartment has not been kept up well. This is due to a problem I've recently developed in my legs. I gave my word that I would have housecleaning help at Dunn and would not allow these conditions to develop again at Dunn. But, again, the word of a 25 year resident at my current apartment meant nothing to the Dunn home visitor woman and property manager woman. They did generously agree to give me another chance, someday, but I feel they could have taken me for my word. Instead, they suggested I spend money on housekeeping now in my current apartment, just to get it up to their standards. I even explained to them, that would not be practical, as I'm scrimping to save up money for my Dunn move in fees. They just wouldn't take my word on anything.

Again, The Dunn woman were very nice to me but I feel I was unfairly and too hastily denied.