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Terrible Facility

My mother was transferred there after a stay in the hospital due to low blood levels. She went to Delmar Gardens for a 2 week "Short Term Rehab" to recover and try and get some strength back. During this time she fell multiple times, with the last time resulting in some serious injuries that put her back in the hospital. When we returned to continue our rehab - they had removed ALL of her clothes and belongings. They even "lost" the list of items we filled out at the beginning of our initial stay. Upon return, only her yellow coat was returned. All the while they insured us that the remaining items were just down in laundry and would be returned. So we went out and spent $$$ on more clothes for her to wear only to have them lose all of these as well. I made sure to label, and even had laminated color photos, of the new items to help make sure nothing was lost. IT WAS ALL LOST AGAIN!! So we moved her out of there and into a new facility - we had to once again go out and buy all new clothes for her to wear. I feel my mother received very poor treatment while at Delmar Gardens and topped it off with losing LOTS of clothes and personal belongings.

patti muich

Local Representative

Good afternoon Steve, thanks for taking time to send us a review. Your Mother was lovely lady and we are very concerned about the experience you shared here. We would like to talk with you further about this. Please contact Jennifer Burgess at Delmar Gardens of Meramec Valley - [removed]. Thank you!!

Experience first hand


patti muich

Local Representative

Thank you for your time to send us a review. Please contact the community and ask for our Administrator, Jennifer Burgess. Our number one priority is taking care of our dear residents with loving and caring staff. We are looking forward to speaking with you.

Consumers Beware

My family member is on hospice. If it were not for the fact that my family member gets bathing care and nursing care from Pathways , we would be leaving Delmar Gardens Meramec Valley. The owners of this relatively sizeable business must be billionaires. The money this place realizes each month is not going to employees. The caregivers are nice, but considerably uneducated young people who are being paid poverty wages to perform a very important function: the care of senior citizens who cannot care for themselves. My family member cannot talk, cannot walk, cannot use hands and arms. If I were not there on a daily basis, my family member would not get the required care. This morning, I was astounded because I found my family member laying in bed with no cover; family member was soaked to the point where all garments were soiled and all covers were soiled. It was obvious that my family member had not received the minimum requirement of a check every two hours. It was disgusting. If this establishment (and others) would pay their caregivers a living wage, the caregivers may be less willing to "routinely" call off, and patients such as my family member who is paying a minimum of [removed] per month would get better care. It is shameful - the self interest of the owners of this business and the entire industry. They may be operating within the legal limit of the law, but they have questionable ethics. The State of Missouri should change the law to require these establishments to pay a living wages with benefits for all employees in nursing home establishments. These are people caring for other people. I know fast food establishments that are paying people a better wage to flip burgers. I agree with all the other reviewers who provided questionable feedback here. I am there (sometimes twice each day) when call lights are ignored; residence who are asking for a push in their wheelchairs ignored; residents who have to wait upwards of 40 minutes to use the bathroom; and, now my experience with my loved one laying in her urine. Almost everyday, I have to solicit a nurse for help because my loved-one needs some type of care that is not happening. This is a shameful place - if they put funds into the pockets of employees rather than flowers out front, they would gain more loyalty from caregivers and nurses. At this time, I observe no loyalty by anyone except administrators. Last Christmas, I entered this facility when they were entertaining doctors and nurses across the region. The formal gala they put on had to have cost several thousand $$. The residents were fed ham and beans that night and not permitted to utilize the front areas. It was again an amazing show of financial self-interest. Each month, I have to scrutinize the bill for services my loved-one is charged that he/she does not get. Each month, this establishment is trying to sell us one more protein shake or other item that is very over valued and medically not needed. Hopefully, with enough complaints through state of Missouri , this establishment will clean-up its act. Hindsight is 20/20: If I could help one person make a better decision, it is worth writing this review. Please do not respond with that message about how important this review is to you. If the owners were caring individuals, this would have changed long ago. I will not provide a name or email because I fear that my loved-one will receive even less care. I cannot trust the situation.

patti muich

Local Representative

Thank you for sharing your feelings with us and taking time to write to us about the care of your loved one. When reviews evaluate the care and well-being of our dear residents, we take these comments very seriously. Negative reviews are not reflective of our rich, 50 year history of caring for seniors; care that began out of the personal home of our late founder, Barbara Grossberg.
We would welcome the chance to arrange a care plan meeting with you and our interdisciplinary team to include your loved ones physician, hospice nurse and our regional nurse. It is truly our sincere desire to remedy any and all of your concerns, but we need to know who your loved one is to do so. Please feel free to contact our home office at [removed] and allow us the opportunity to arrange this collaborative meeting. Thank you for your consideration.

I would not pick this place again.

I would not pick this home for my mother again. Response to the call lights were very slow (20+ minutes often). The medical care was almost nonexistent. When we said we wanted to move my mom to the hospital after only one week, we were told " Well the hospital will put her on an IV for fluids, and oxygen, we can do that at Delmar". Our response was why haven't you then? When my mom got to the hospital she had pneumonia, a blood clot in her lung, and RSV. My mom had none of these prior to being at Delmar Gardens.

patti muich

Local Representative

Thank you so much for taking the time to send us a review. Our highly tenured staff at Delmar Gardens of Meramec Valley takes great pride in providing care and are grateful for the privilege to serve the senior population and their families with love, care and understanding. While some resident’s needs are unique and sometimes complicated, they are closely followed by their attending Physician in collaboration with our dedicated clinical team of nurses, therapist and support staff. We feel honored to have had the opportunity to get to know and care for your loved one.

My honest experience

Our parents were there. It is where they died. I found the staff to be mostly CNA's that could not find employment anywhere else. They talked poorly of their employer to us. They would continue personal conversations between them and not acknowledge my parents at all. There is an odor of urine most days. We were in a lock down section where dinner was brought down to the residents-no nice tableclothes or pretty flowers where we were like the area when you first walked in. Brought issues to attention of staff and had meetings where nothing changed. All show and no substance!!! Keep your parents at home if at all possible-I live with the sad fact that they both took their last breath in this awful facility.

patti muich

Local Representative

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on the care of your parents. We pride ourselves on our 50+ years of experience caring for seniors and their families. Resident wellness, cleanliness, dignity, comfort and care are paramount to each and every member of our staff. We are very interested to talk with you further about your review. Please reach out to Jennifer Burgess at Delmar Gardens of Meramec Valley.

Add deceiving . . . smells like Urine. . . staff goofs off!

We looked at several facility's and picked Delmar Gardens Meramec Valley. We asked about the smell, since many we visited prior were very dirty and smelly (clenlieness is very important in our family). We were taken on a tour or the BEST section. Once in we found the adds, reviews and tour to be very deceiving. We were promised the best care and were not given that. After complaining, calling a 'meeting' with director of nursing, staff and social worker our problems were told they would be dealt with but were not. I, personally, spent several long days there and observed other residents not being properly bathed and lights being neglected. It has became SO Unacceptable that we have pulled our family member out to keep what dignity remains and to make the remainder of her life comfortable, clean without the smell of urine and feces, and pain free. I forgot to mention that her pain management was VERY, VERY UNACCEPTABLE! In my opinion, this place is so bad for an alert and oriented person I would NOT TAKE MY DOG THERE!! No one seems to care about making the facility better otherwise they would have addressed our concerns rather than acting as if we are the only people on the planet who is able to smell! So disappointed, so disgusted, so unhappy and no one seems to care except us. Life for our elderly should be much better than this and people in this business SHOULD at least strive to do a better job. People who suffer with incontinence should be bathed and kept unsmelly for their last bit of dignity...they deserve that much.

MY RATING IS LESS THAN ZERO! A MARK YOU DESERVE based on the initial lies and promises made to my family.

Thanks for NOTHING Delmar Gardens. You may not care as you take your millions to the bank but our family members DO DESERVE what your adds promise!! My only hope now is to BLAST our experience around the world wide web to bring light to the situation in the hopes that you stand up and take notice to make things more pleasant in the future!!

patti muich

Local Representative

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on the care of your loved one. We pride ourselves on our 50+ years of experience caring for seniors and their families. Resident wellness, cleanliness, dignity, comfort and care are paramount to each and every member of our staff. We are very interested to talk with you further about your review. Please reach out to Jennifer Burgess at Delmar Gardens of Meramec Valley.

Review of Delmar Gardens Meramec - Fenton, MO

The staff could not have been better prepared to care for my father. He had ongoing problems managing his health, congestive heart failure and Vascular issues in his feet and leg. He was also an amputee. Delmar Gardens taught my dad how to manage his salt intake more than just not using salt at the table. He learned an entire program to weight himself, when to call the doctor, and what medications are use and how they work for his CHF. My Dad has lost 30lbs since his stay last X-mas and is doing great.

patti muich

Local Representative

Thank you so much for taking the time to post a review. It is our privilege to serve your father with the love, care and understanding that has been the foundation of the Delmar Gardens Family.

Review of Delmar Gardens of Meramec Valley - Fenton, MO

My mom was in Alzheimers area at Delmar Gardens. She recently lost my dad and can not live alone. She is so swell cared for and is smiling again. She refers to the Courtyard & the magnificent ground as the "park". Families, children, and pets, are all welcome there and the administration & executive director are out and about all the time. Even on weekends. Mom has also gained weight to the point she needs new clothes. All the girls + nurse hug and kiss her and all the residents. We couldn't be happier.

Delmar Gardens

I believe they care for your loved ones to the best of their ability and are very caring. I would recommend Delmar Gardens to friends with loved ones in need.

They had good care, but the food was horrible.

I stayed here briefly once. They had good care, but the food was horrible. I dreaded going to the dining room. I really learned that before you go anywhere you should have a meal there.

They do a good job. It's colorful and bright.

They do a good job. It's colorful and bright. They work with the patients everyday on therapy. They are friendly and clean.

Nice place, good communication with staff

We moved my loved one here after her care needs advanced beyond what the facility she was in could provide. They do a very good job here of looking out for her, and I really appreciate how good they are about communication with the families, they've been great about keeping me informed. I feel much better about her safety here.

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