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Custom Home Care took care of my mother in law and they were wonderful! My mother in law started off a bit more independent but as her condition deteriorated, she required around the clock care and Custom Home Care stepped up and provided us with some very kind and experienced caregivers. My overall experience with the agency has been very impressive! Their nurses and office staff are attentive and are always on top of everything. I would highly recommend Custom Home Care to anyone in need of care for themselves or a loved one.

Great agency with the best caregivers

I could not have been more happy with our decision to go with Custom Home Care. We spoke with 2 other agencies that were all referred from the hospital my Dad was at when he was going home and needed help at home. We chose Custom Home Care because from our very first phone call, the staff were warm and helpful. With the other agencies I felt like they were going through an automated speech when I called or just were not invested in my Dad having the best care. The staff was accommodating and wanted to ensure both my Dad and my family were happy with the caregivers. We interviewed 4 caregivers before choosing 2 of them to care for my Dad. Our caregivers have been with us for over a year now and are like part of the family. I don't know what we would do without them. Custom Home Care takes great care of my Dad, is prompt in responding to any questions we have and having their caregivers puts my mind at ease when I can't be with him. We are so grateful that we found Custom Home Care.

Flagrantly [removed]

My mother lived until recently in a senior residence serviced by Custom Home Care, Inc. As her health declined, she became increasingly dependent on their nurses, caregivers, and medication management.

Several live-in caregivers came and went. One was conscientious and compassionate, though inexperienced. The others, however carefully screened, had less desirable traits; one was cavalier, two more did not speak understandable English, and still another was preoccupied with “ratting out” other caregivers. There was no evidence of abuse, but we were made aware of several instances of [removed], i.e. sleeping on the job or otherwise leaving my mother unattended for inordinately long periods of time.

One nurse (who is no longer with Custom Home Care) was utterly incompetent at managing my mother’s prescriptions. Our pharmacist described her as “rude and abrasive,” and her failures were inexcusable. On one occasion, she placed a prescription on auto-refill but neglected to instruct the caregivers to administer it. I knew nothing of this until the day I discovered a several-month supply of unopened vials stashed on a shelf. Unfortunately the nurse who replaced her (also no longer with the company) was no better, failing to follow hospital discharge instructions right off the bat.

Ultimately I moved my mother elsewhere for her own safety. Determined to do everything in my power to have Custom Home Care’s license suspended for medical [removed], I consulted with attorneys and filed a complaint with the Illinois Department of Health. The State concurred with my allegations and took corrective actions against Custom Home Care. Unfortunately, though, this company is still operating.

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Local Representative

Mr. [removed], we have discussed this matter with you at length and, at your demand, refunded you thousands of dollars. We understand your frustration with the situation that occurred, however, this is quite an exaggerated description of what occurred. In addition, this occurred over a year ago and you blatantly lied in this review by stating you recently removed her from her residence. You ended care with us in November of 2013 and removed your mother from the residence in January of 2014; it is currently the end of January 2015. As we previously discussed with you, we do not administer PRN medications (this was discussed and is stated in the service agreement). In addition, the orders we received upon discharge from the hospital from her physician were verified and that is what we provided in the pill box. We are not allowed (as stated by IDPH) to give your mother medications that the physician does not order and caregivers are not allowed to administer medications, they can only remind clients it is time to take their medications. We also have discussed with you that hospital discharge instructions are not physician orders. Upon her return, the nurse spoke and verified with your mother's physician which medications were to be administered when she returned home. I am most confused as to why, over a year after this occurred, you are writing reviews that are not completely accurate, especially after the matter has been resolved. We did not charge for the services in question , IDPH did an inspection and we have been in compliance for over a year now, and we addressed your concerns and made corrections the moment it was brought to our attention. We are sorry you continue to feel so angry about the matter 16 months after the incident occurred, but we have done everything possible to resolve the matter and have ensured systems are in place for compliance. In addition, I think it's important you know that we serve 300-340 clients at any given time and admit and discharge more than 100 clients per year. With all of the clients and families we serve, you are the only person in the past nearly 5 years to make a complaint to IDPH about our company.

-Carrie Groulx