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Customer Reviews

Caregiver was very professional and on top of things

I used this homecare agency for my Dad for one night. The caregiver was really nice and really on top of everything and the overall service was great. She seemed very experienced, professional, and willing to do whatever she could to help. The interaction I had with the agency itself was fine. Just from my limited experience, I would recommend them to others.

Care at home

We have been happy with assistance that we received from this service. The staff was very helpful in helping us find the right person for the care that we needed in the home. The caretaker was respectful and caring. We liked that she was willing to help with personal needs for my mom. We would recommend this service and the care taker that we had for a short period of time for the care of a loved one in the home.

Kind Caregivers!!

I have recently been using the services at this community and I have no complaints of how thing are going for my self. The staff have been very easy work with and they are always on time to my appointments that I have scheduled with them. I like the caregivers they have and am comfortable when they come over to my house. Overall I am pleased and would recommend it to anyone.

Friendly Environment!!

I have no complaints about the tour I had taken at this community for my loved one. The staff where on time to our appointment and made sure to answer any questions we had for them in detail. I like that they had an open floor plan with lots of great amenities available to all of the residents.

Satisfied with This Home Care Agency

Everything seems to be working out well for my mother with this home care agency. She is doing well, and they are taking good care of her, and her needs. Things have been a lot better, and I'am pleased with the services they have provided my mother with. I know she is in good hands with this home care agency, and I would recommend it.

Home care

I am happy with this service for in home care. The staff is friendly and caring. The caretaker was nice and reliable. We liked that she arrive on time. The caretaker was able to help with some household request and was a good help to our needs. We would recommend this service to other families for care of a loved one.

Staying at Home!

The staff that comes in to my house is great. I don't have anyone that comes in regularly only when I need them. The staff keeps me involved with what I need. They really treat my house with respect and compassion.

Great Service!

We are very happy with All Help Health Services. They were very easy to work with and quickly set up service for my loved one. They are really great and we are satisfied with the care that they are providing! I highly recommend All Help Health Services!

Highly Recommend

My mother in law is getting great care from the aid that comes to help with all needs. She is on time and helps with what is needed at all times. I highly recommend the services we are getting assistance with.
All Help Health Services.

Wonderful Experience

Wonderful experience!! The caregivers were experienced, knowledgable and professional. The office staff was helpful and made the process very simple. I would definitely recommend using the agency.

No longer utilizing services.

My mother used services with All Help for a short time before moving in with my sister. There were a couple of hiccups with scheduling and communication from the caregivers. There was a time that the caregiver left without letting any of us know so Mom was home alone for a while which was concerning but addressed. Other than the minor mishap the staff seem to be very well trained, attentive, and empathetic. Overall, the experience was a good one.

That worked better than I expected.

So far so good. That worked better than I expected. The young lady they sent was very good. It's still new, so I only hope that they can keep up the good work.

So far things have gone well.

So far things have gone well. They have been great to work with. We haven't had any issues so far. People show when they are supposed to, and things have gone pretty smoothly. I would give them a solid four.

They have been fantastic.

They have been fantastic. No issues at all. The person they sent out is very nice, friendly, and polite, knows her job well, and is willing to the extra step as well.

not the scenario that I wanted for my mom

All Help Health Services is not the scenario that I wanted for my mom. I am not sure if it was from the care they gave but 4 days into their care she developed a severe UTI and had to go to the hospital. I don't know if the caretaker didn't clean her properly or what. The only thing I did not like about this service was the guy was crazy with the women trying to do a side deal. He tried to send me a contract that says he literally owns me. This while mom was in the hospital. The caretaker was very nice and kept our house very neat. She did what she was supposed to. They were just kind of pushy and all about the money. I'm not sure if they needed more business or what. From what I've heard he is better than most. I would still look around and see if I could find a different company. The contract this guy gave me was not one I would give to employees.

It's been a great experience!

Working with All Help was a great help. The caregivers were pleasant and very helpful. The only issue we really had was the cost. My Aunt wasn't willing nor could she afford to pay the amount billed on a consistent basis. I appreciated their services for the time that we utilized it but cannot go on until absolutely needed. I would definitely recommend to a friend if they can afford it.

They did a very good job, and they were very reliable.

They did a very good job, and they were very reliable. We only needed them once for about a week, and it worked out great. The girl that came did a good job. There were no surprises with the bill and everything went smoothly.

They were excellent

They were excellent for the couple of weeks we used them. They did what we needed, and we had a good experience with them. I didn't have any problems with the service.

Excellent in-home care!

They were very helpful and the caregiver that was assigned was very good. The caregiver who comes out is reliable, we don't have problems with her showing up or anything like that. She seems to get along well with the caregiver. So far no complaints.

They have been great.

They have been great. We hired the first person they sent us for an interview. Tanya is very reliable, and mom really likes her. There have been no surprises in the billing, everything is as agreed. They have been great through the entire process. They were very accommodating.

The company itself is great.

The company itself is great. I love the owner, Howard, he has come out to the house himself to try fix the issues we are having. They are fairly reliable, but the caregivers have been late multiple times. There have been language barrier issues, and there have been respect issues. We have been trying to work it out. They have definitely worked with us to try to correct the issue. And the company is one I would work for myself.

They seem to be doing a fine job.

They seem to be doing a fine job. The caregiver who comes out is reliable, we don't have problems with her showing up or anything like that. She seems to get along well with the caregiver. So far no complaints.

Came to my home

He came to my home and was very professional and helpful but we needed someone right away.

Excellent in-home care!

Things have gone very well so far with All Help Health Services! It's sort of a scary experience hiring a stranger to come into your home for this sort of help, but they did a great job putting our minds at ease. They introduce themselves well, and the owner came out with the caregiver for the initial interview, just to make sure we felt at ease and all of our questions were answered. They've done a great job so far, and we would definitely recommend them if you are looking into in-home care!

AllHelp for the Chicago area

My mother has Alzheimer's, mild to moderate stage. Her hygiene is good and she is physically in great condition. I waited awhile before giving my review since I needed to see how my mom interacted with the caregiver and how the agency handled accounts. My mother was highly resistant to a caregiver, but I have found AllHelp to be accommodating, helpful and professional. My mother does not want the caregiver cooking and cleaning for her, but when they cook and clean together, she is willing. We have been very happy with their services to date. They are very hands-on; when I call, all I have to say is my first name and they know who I am. I never feel rushed during phone calls and they are very happy to see to my mother's needs. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

I am happy with them, they are doing a good job.

I am happy with them, they are doing a good job. They are always on time, I never have problems with people not showing up or being late. They have been very accommodating. They are mostly consistent with the caregivers that come out we have had mostly the same couple of people.

Overall very pleased with the service

So far I'm very happy with the service. The woman who comes in to help my Mom is great, and we've seen a lot of improvement. The aide really engages with her, pushes her to talk, takes her on errands, etc. Mom has been a lot more social, even with family, after working with her. It gives me a lot of peace of mind knowing that Mom is being kept safe and active.

We have been using this ser...

We have been using this service for a caregiver for mom. things are going very well. But thinking of moving mom to an assisted living place. Very hard decision.

From the Provider

"Care For Your Loved One, Peace of Mind For You”

Established in 1984, ALL HELP Health Services helps individuals live independently. We have an outstanding reputation with Chicagoland hospitals, medical and rehabilitation facilities. We place Certified Nurses Aides and Home Health Aides in homes or as a private duty in a facility. ALL HELP Health Services provides customized personal care to meet each and every individual’s needs. We match the needs of our clients with the skills and experience of the caregiver.

* We are licensed by the Illinois Department of Labor (IDOL) and the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH)

* We are a member of the Illinois Homecare Council, National Association of Home Care & Hospice and Life Services Network (LSN) organization

* We are authorized by the Chicago Department on Aging and Alzheimer’s Association

* We work with Catholic Charities and various Chicagoland hospices (e.g., Rainbow, Horizon, Vitas)

* All cases are reviewed by our Medical Director, a board certified physician on staff at Northwestern Memorial Hospital for the past 20 years.

* We offer Certified Nurses Aides (CNAs) who must have minimum 5 years of proven experience in homecare, hospital, nursing home or rehabilitation settings

*Caregivers undergo a comprehensive interview and screening process including a national criminal background check