Carrington Place Retirement Residence - Ancaster, ON

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Customer Reviews

Wonderful welcoming place. The rooms are beautiful and with a small kitchenette it is perfect!
The meals are outstanding! I was at the Georgian and the meals were rarely very good, some days I could not eat what was served. They have a chef at Caroline Place and he is outstanding. The staff are wonderful. I am so happy! I wish I had done this years ago.

Run, don't walk

The retirement home nurses and administrator are condescending and rude to people who live there. The treat residents like children. They constantly overstep there authority by taking meds off of patients there by leaving residents without vital meds like blood pressure pills etc. They will not deal with conflicts between residents such as loud tv's going all night long. Although the home is clean it is old and run down. Generator is not big enough to run heat and lights through the home during power outages and snow storms (had to be evacuated). The food although we like the idea of the main meal being at lunch the food itself is not good. Salads consist of a few pieces of lettuce. We were told the food was all home made and it is not, most of it is salty boxed garbage and canned salty soups. People seem to move in and move out just as fast. The home does not like residents who can take care of themselves. They want to be able to over ride family wishes and resident wishes. All in all do not put your family member there unless they have full use of there faculties and can think for themselves. Be prepared for late night phone calls from your family member when meds are not given properly or not at all. Have your family member get daily packs made up from there local pharmacy and dont' let the home take care of it. They will mess it up big time. Lives are at stake here and there medical mix ups could kill someone. It is within walking distance of amenities such as grocery stores, hair dressers, doctors, labs and pharmacies.