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My loved one had some prescriptions that were supposed to be called in but they never were. It took a week in a half to get that cleared up, it was a circus. She liked the food.

My loved one likes the meals. I don't get a lot of calls about the progress that is being made, but I do get calls when the therapist is coming.

The facility has great customer service. The place is spotless and the floors are shiny. My loved one is not used to having a meal and not being able to choose what she wants. Maybe it would be nice to have more options to choose from.

Our goal was for my loved one to stand and walk and so far he has done both.

It was good for the most part. Therapy was good, they worked hard to get me better. I didn't want to leave

My loved one has been treated very well. The nurses are amazing. Someone does my laundry, empties my trash, keeps my room clean.

My loved one is beginning to use her fork again now. I don't get updates a lot, but she's only been there for four days.

Everything has been going good, and my loved one seems to really be enjoying it there. He likes all the meals. They have been doing good at keeping me informed.

Everything was as good as it can be. The people couldn't be nicer.

Carmel Mountain is wonderful! Any time I ask anything, even how much my loved one ate at the meals, they'll tell me.

Therapy is going well. I think they are understaffed, and sometimes there are long waits for the nurses to come. It's like 25 patients to one nurse, they need more nurses. They don't clean the sleep out of my mother's eyes, they don't clean her ears or nose and she can't do those things herself. Whatever happens with my mother they keep me informed.

The place is beautiful and clean and the food is good. My loved one has started therapy and she's showing good improvement. Some of the people were slow to come to her aid when she would call. They are all really nice, though.

The nurses are knowledgeable about my loved one's health needs. The staff is friendly and accommodating. She eats the meals and that's the important part. They are doing good in keep us informed on her health.

My loved one did do some therapy, but it was limited and very brief. There were a few times the nurses didn't respond fast. They moved her to another room when she requested, they were accommodating to her. The staff was very nice and helpful. The grounds were pretty and they did keep everything clean

They do therapy everyday but they don't overdo it. They have about ten people so they are constantly changing, it's really good. You have to go get the nurses to get stuff done. They have all been nice. It's an older rehab, but I've seen worse so it's not that bad. They could update their lighting. They do my dad’s laundry, empty his trash, keep his room clean, mop his floor. They didn't come get his empty tray after breakfast, but when he got lunch they took the old tray. He's picky but he likes some of the food. And he likes that he gets to pick what he wants. His favorite is the tuna. They are pretty good about keeping me informed. If I have a concern the doctor responds in a timely fashion.

The discharge was not very organized and could have been a lot smoother. I would recommend that the staff be more personable, but they did seem to be busy. My mom said that rehab therapy was good. The bathrooms didn't seem to be the cleanest. The floor looked kind of grimy in the corners by the baseboards. My mom mentioned that they didn't have any soda or she didn’t get it the soda that she asked for. I don’t know if I'm supposed to be the proactive one in asking for the information, but I would just ask my mom, and she was very informative and aware of what was going on.

It's an older facility and the rooms are small. Therapy is going well. The therapists are really nice people, they treat my loved one with kindness and respect. The food has been good for her, she has gained good weight. She really likes the beef stew and chicken. They have been really good about keeping me informed

Speech and physical therapy have been wonderful. The trash cans in the room are very small and they get full fast. They have been very good at keeping me informed.

They are understaffed. I have noticed improvements from the therapy.

My loved one’s room is very dark, and he is kind of getting depressed. They have been really good in rehab, and he is showing improvement. In his room there are miscellaneous items and trash on the floor, it needs to be swept. The meals have been good. He is just not hungry or doesn't have an appetite. They have been very good at keeping me informed.

I think sometimes it’s hard for my loved one to get help quickly, because there are a lot of other patients. She loves the people that come in to help her. There is not a lot of space in her room, this causes stuff to be shoved on the floor. The food looks good to me, but she doesn't have much of an appetite.

The response times were a little slow. They kept me well informed.

I have issues with the nurses, I have to constantly keep on them. My mom has a roommate who talks all day and my mom doesn't get a chance to sleep. The floor has been kind of dirty. They aren't giving her the full meals that she requests. I asked them to make sure that she goes to the dining room to eat so she doesn't just sit in her room the whole day, but they still bring the food to her room.

I have therapy sometimes twice a day. The only compliant I have is that there are early risers here, but there isn't any coffee or water available until after six. I wouldn't want to bother the nurses or anything but I think it would be nice if they had it available. Everyone is nice and friendly. It is certainly clean.

My loved one had a hard time getting the right physical therapy but it's taken care of now. She also had a problem getting her correct medication. They gave her the wrong medicine, but now they have it straightened out. The facility is clean, but they haven't mopped the floors. I'm not sure if she has meal options, but she isn't too happy with the meals. They don't tell me anything, but they tell her.

They could improve the discharge process.

Most of the staff are friendly. My loved one likes the meals. Someone has only called me twice since he's been there with any information.

This was not one of our better stays. I picked them because they were close but I hope I don't have to pick them again. The therapists came to get my loved one for therapy really late at night. I talked to them and it got better, but he doesn't spend much time in therapy. It takes a long time for nurses to respond. They tried to give him medicine for something he didn't have. The CNAs were really great. Nobody ever changed his linens. Breakfast was okay but everything else sucked. They never informed my loved one of his daily schedule, so he didn’t know what to expect.

The tour stated that they would have a meeting to plan for what was going to happen during rehab. We checked in the next day, and the meeting was set out for a week after my loved one was admitted and there were not very many people in the meeting like there was supposed to be. The rehab helped and she did improved, but we were under the impression from the meeting that she would have 40 minutes of physical therapy and 40 minutes of occupational therapy. There was never 40 minute sessions, they were more like 10 and 15 minutes. It just should have been more. All the nurses seemed to be very helpful and attentive. My loved one noticed some roaches, and one of the nurses spilled a liquid medication and never cleaned it up. I had to get a rag to clean it up. She didn't enjoy the food at all, it was too spicy or not hot enough. She can't have spicy. When I got there I had to circle the menu of food choices of things that she eats, and she didn't seem to get anything we selected. They would call me when there were any issues. They were good at informing about us.

There isn't a doctor physically onsite, so it takes a little longer to be seen. The food isn't good. My loved one will put in a request and they can't seem to get it right. I have to ask for information all the time but when I do they are very thorough.

My loved one was not getting the improvement at the beginning that I felt like she needed. The rehab has been helping her. The staff has been doing the best they can for her. They do their best to give you a good attitude and put their best smiles on. As far as cleaning, when you walk in, you get an air freshener smell, then you walk further in the facility and it smells like they mopped the floor in urine. I have also seen an overflowing trash can. The meals are good, and there is a good variety. I have tasted them myself and they were good. Communication isn't great. I was on the phone 45 minutes on hold, waiting to speak with someone. So I drove over there to the facility, and I was still on hold when I arrived.

Sometimes it's great and sometimes it's not. The nurses are sporadic, sometimes they're on top of things but sometimes they're too busy. Meals need an improvement, they're pretty bland. I complained early on about the lack of communication, and they've really gotten better, they started calling me more often with changes.

There is poor communication. First day, there was no therapy and they don’t have a set schedule for therapy. The bathroom was dirty for two days before it was cleaned, my loved one’s clothes are left dirty, and her bed is right by the window and there were dead flies in the window seal. She's real happy with the meals. She hated the pesto pasta but she has enjoyed everything else. I haven't heard from anyone updating me.

My loved one was only there for two days before he had to back to the hospital after they brushed off some serious symptoms he was showing. The facility didn't feel clean, but it wasn't dirty either. The communication was not enough from the facility, I expected updates and info on the expectations of the rehab.

I wish they’d have walked my mom around so she could get stronger. They just subjected her to therapy in her room. I wish the nurses were quicker to respond to her care, sometimes she waited 30-45 minutes to be attended to. Everyone was friendly but I have plenty of friends, I needed someone to take care of my mom. The rooms were clean but the floors were not. There were stains on the floor and the last day she was there they were still on the floor. She enjoyed the meals but when she finally got them, they would be cold. I had to continually call them to get updated.

The facility needed to give more attention to the physical issues that I was having. They also weren't very punctual on giving medication for the first couple days. When I did get attention from the nurses, they were pretty good. The doctor came to see me, said he was going to look at my chart, and said he would come back later, then he left. Never seen him again. The staff was friendly enough. I would say that they are not very clean. No one took the time to clean me or anything else either. They fed me good.

My loved one ran out of her medication and they ordered more and they took 4 days to get it and there wasn’t much when it arrived. The first day she was there, the therapists did a questionnaire and billed us for a full therapy session even though they were only there for 20 minutes and the next day they did the same thing. On the third day they did the full therapy, but the fourth day they didn't do anything. The therapist was very rude after that. Most of the nurses were very nice, but there was one who was angry and not very kind. The bathroom was so dirty and smelled, there was stuff on the floor and in the toilet. My loved one said that in seven days they never mopped or swept, they never wiped down her tray. The food was terrible. And she got meals she never ordered. She ordered chicken and got a ham sandwich with no mayo or lettuce.

I was totally dissatisfied with my stay there, I wouldn't recommend that place to my enemy. There was long wait for everything. They are poorly staffed. The nurses mean well but there are never enough people. They never really fully cleaned my room. The communication was poor.

They were just not ready to take care of my loved one, due to his conditions. He was taken out of the facility because the rehab was not able to meet his needs of care due to the conditions that he has.

When my loved one had to go to the hospital, I requested that he go back to Carmel Mountain because of how good they are. Therapy seems to be going well, he's built a rapport with the therapist. The nurses come in a responsible about of time if you call. I like the caregivers and how great they take care of him. The grounds are well kept, the room is clean, they change his sheets. They keep me informed about his health.

The rehab is good. My loved one tells me all the little things that go on and how everyone is so nice. I do wish that there was more parking up close and on the street so that you wouldn't have to walk so far. The rehab is really helping her get better. The floors are nice and clean. She likes the meals. I have only received a couple of calls since she has been in there to update me on her care.

My loved one had a good experience at Carmel Mountain before, and that's why he went back. The staff is very nice and friendly. The grounds are well kept and the facility is nice and clean.

The rehab therapy was excellent! Everything was very clean. I wish that there was better notification regarding my loved one's condition from the doctor or the charge nurse for discharge and treatment. I have not had one call about his condition except for when I hear it from him.

This is my loved one's second time being there, because we specifically wanted to go back. Everyone is so patient and very nice! I don't think there is some one that is 100% going to like the food. To each their own. My loved one is Oriental, so we like our own food. But we tell her that she needs to eat. They kept us informed up to the very last.

The nurses were there when they were able to come. The bathroom wasn't very clean, and even when we mentioned that to the staff, it took a few days for them to do something about it. My loved one didn't like some of the meals, but they were very good at accommodating his meal preferences. The rehab kept me informed pretty well.

The nurses were very nice and friendly and they gave me my medication on time.

The only thing that I would say is that I don't think that they have enough CNAs. They seem to be short staffed. The therapists did a great job! My loved one liked the food. I was there pretty much all the time, but they did keep me informed.

It’s very good. My husband complains, but that's just him. They are taking care of him.

Carmel Mountain was one of the better facilities to go to, it was great. The nurses were very attentive and kind. No one greeted me when I came through, but I was absolutely okay with that. One day the toilet was clogged and housekeeping came by and fixed it. My loved one enjoyed the food, the soup was her favorite

I chose the facility because they are really clean. Everyone is nice and friendly.

The experience was good. I called earlier to get the address and directions. They based them off the computer website. We called back and got someone else on the phone and they gave me directions again and said that we were given the wrong directions. We finally found the facility but it was already 8 pm. I suggest that the people that answer the phone are able to give good directions. My loved one had therapy yesterday but doesn't seem to have improved so far. The facility is spotless. My brother was clean and his bed was spotless.

The CNA attention could be better. There were a couple of times when they left the light on for 10-15 mins or all during the day. Some of the CNAs were excellent and some were not. The facility was very nice. The meals are quite bad. The food needs to be a little hotter and the consistency of the food could be better. Communication could be better.

I think they need new management and they don't coordinate. The therapists seemed to know what they were doing, they’re very helpful. I thought the response time of the nurses was very slow. Their signal system is very outdated and sometimes nobody would see it. During shift changes, I would have to go outside to flag someone down. They would be so busy counting out doses that someone could be screaming [Removed] and they still wouldn't come. You would think that the patients would come first. The first few days, my loved one was on an air mattress in her bed and it took ten days for them to get her on a regular bed. But the staff was generally very helpful, kind, thoughtful, and seemed to care. They emptied the trash, changed the sheets, and kept her room clean. Every meal she got was cold to the point that we starting bring her food. The menu was very limited. We were there a lot so we knew what was going on.

They need maintenance in the room. The facility needs repairs. The therapy was great. The nurses gave my loved one the wrong medication once and gave him a meal at the wrong time, but we are past that now. He liked the staff, which says a lot.

There needs to be a better communication between the doctors and the therapists. The therapists were great. There were several times during shift change that it would take a long time to get help. I'm not sure if my concerns relay to the doctor as they should. The facility was kept clean. There needs to be better communication between the doctors and nurses and the nurses and patients. We were given so much incorrect information, we weren't informed on everything.

In my opinion, the care was good, they knew what they were doing, the facility was clean and organized. It was above average. The nurses were knowledgeable about what they were doing. Everyone was very nice and friendly. Everything was clean and organized. They didn't keep me informed about my loved one’s health or any changes. Now they may have told him and he didn't tell me, but they didn't tell me directly

This was his second experience at this facility, and I wasn't there with him this time, but he expressed to me some things. We were happy with rehab. He had some trouble with his medical care. One thing that we liked is that he is hard of hearing and they had a TV with earphones. At night it took a long time for the nurses to come to him, but that is common at all facilities.

There is always a problem with parking. I was very impressed with the therapy. My husband couldn't walk before but now he can walk with a walker. The nursing staff was excellent, very passionate about caring for my husband. They definitely kept everything clean. He was not impressed with the food. He didn't like it at all, especially the lasagna. They did not inform me that he when he got sick or when they changed his medication

The staff is very friendly. My loved one complains the food doesn't taste too good, it doesn't have any flavor. They don't call me unless there is something serious going on with her.

There were a few setbacks. The care and communication is good. The nurses are really good. I did ask for a list of medications that he takes but they didn't give it to me. Some things are a little old but it's pretty clean. They are really good at keeping in clean. He has a feeding tube but he gets what he needs

Very good therapy, they made my mom walk every day. The staff was excellent. The food was terrible, it was very bland. Even the egg salad. I had to bring some food. My mom asked for chicken nuggets from McDonald's. When she asks for nuggets then you know it's a problem. If they upgraded their food, it would be 5 across the board.

My loved one had a roommate who was a screamer, but he didn't want to ask to be moved because he had a window. The nurses are good, but if I had a chance to go somewhere else I would. The rehab was good. They kept his room clean. They had higher sodium food, lower quality food. I don't think they are set up for different types of diets, it's just canned food. No one ever called me to give me information and when I did ask they would say they would have to ask someone else. I think it’s because they are understaffed and overworked.

The therapy was great. The nurses that were changing him and cleaning his room were terrible. I always had to ask someone to come in his room and change him and there was always some food left in his room. The food was okay, but he doesn't eat pork and they kept bringing him pork.

I wish there was more therapy because there isn't enough for him to get better. There are long periods of no attention from anyone. It would have been my hope to have been more people working with him. He would be lying in bed for eight, ten, twelve hours with little or no interaction with staff. The staff greets you when you come through the door. They are collectively friendly. The grounds were well kept. Sometimes when they'd serve his meal, they would leave the food covered and he couldn't get it uncovered to access the food.

One thing that my husband doesn't like is that he lies in bed too much. They walk him every day for a little bit and then they just put him a wheelchair. When he has to use the bathroom, he rings the bell, it takes too long for them to come, and he wets the bed. Another thing that we don't like is that he only takes a shower two times a week. There is not even a shower in the room, they have to go somewhere else to shower. The staff is all friendly and smiley. The building is old but it’s okay. So far he likes the meals. They have never called me to let me know how he is doing. If I'm there I would like if they would come in and let me know how he is doing.

My husband had a terrible roommate. He was constantly yelling for help. The rehab should give wheat grass juice for breakfast, or natural oils in the air. I took him out of the facility after less than a day. The facility is very hot as well. Everyone in there was sweating and had their windows open, it felt like it was 80. Everything is clean, but everything they are using is [Removed]. My husband is a veggie and vegan eater, and they brought white pasta and Jell-O, they brought a chocolate doughnut for breakfast. They should know that they should be trying to give people more fruits and vegetables, not things in a can. We don’t put people in rehab to be the same or to get worse by eating that stuff. I would suggest that they go to integrative nutrition to get a better understanding of how to become more nutritious. They can turn the places where the grass is growing into a vegetable garden. Everyone should get frozen vegetables or fresh fruit smoothies for example. Any healthcare provider should find people who use natural foods to be the chefs.

They weren't giving me my medication on time. I had to remind them. They always made sure I had clean sheets. They couldn't get my diet right. I was on a very limited diet and they kept bringing me food I couldn't eat.

When we first got there, they didn't have a bed for my loved one. They had to literally go get a room ready. She has stayed there twice before and this was not like it was those times. They were doing therapy at 5, 6, 7, 8 o’clock at night. They didn’t know how to handle her health needs, they were just very uneducated about her condition. She was not even able to go to the bathroom on her own, and they would only send people late at night to take her to the bathroom. She had a battle with the heating system. She was freezing so bad that I had to bring her a blanket. Even the staff made a comment that her room did seem to be cooler than the rooms. The room was dusty in certain places. They would clean the minimum amount. They cleaned the toilet and bathroom and stuff, but they wouldn't clean very well, you would still see spots of dust, so it was like they weren't cleaning all the way. In physical therapy, we moved the chair and you could see dust all underneath. Every time her meal came it was cold when it was supposed to be hot. Coffee was cold, sandwiches were not fresh. They need more staff or something because when they get the food to pass out it is probably hot, but by the time it gets to the patients it’s cold. They didn't keep me informed at all. If I needed them I would call them or just go in. She had to have a cell phone to contact me or for us to keep in contact with her. The communication was not there.

The doctor changed my dad's meds without seeing him or informing me. I just wasn't real impressed with the facility. You walk in, it's nice but it has a smell. After the first night, I was going to take him home. I guess the therapy helped some, I don't know. They never sent over his medication to our local pharmacy. It took two days just to get it called in. Poor organization. My parents have been in other facilities and they were way cleaner. For a place that is supposed to be a better facility I was not impressed, they could do better. I had to go to the desk to ask what was going on, they didn't reach out to me at all.

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At Carmel Mountain Rehabilitation & Healthcare residents receive care from the finest therapists, equipment, and services. Our staff features the most exceptional caregivers and therapists our community has to offer. We support our staff by providing them tools they need to most effectively help our residents. We go beyond science and treatment to tap into the art of caring for every individual’s unique needs. All of our patients feel comfortable and are treated with the utmost respect. Our team works with patients and their physicians to create a treatment plan to help achieve personal goals.