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Great Company

My father is 97 years old and does very well for his age. I was looking for a companion that would keep him company a few hours a day and do more than sit and watch TV or play with their electronic devices while at the house.

A friend forwarded me the information on Care4U and after perusing the website, I called the company and spoke with Christy. That afternoon Christy and her partner Sheri came to the house to meet my father. The following day we had a companion come over for a few hours. Dad loved the company, so we scheduled the companion to come to the house several times a week.

My biggest concern with dad is cooking. He was in the food service business all his life and loves being in the kitchen, his Care4U companion understands and includes him in food preparations.

Communication is wonderful; there is a notebook in which the companion and I leave each other messages letting me know what was done during the visit. They play cards (which I believe helps to keep his mind focused), they go for a walk (weather permitting), and if we have to go somewhere when I get done work, she makes sure he is ready.

Recently I was away for the weekend and my brother was coming to stay with dad, because of traffic, he was delayed on the turnpike and after dad’s companion left she called later that evening to make sure that my brother arrived. Dad’s companion is truly concerned over his well being, safety and comfort.

I am very grateful to Care4U, I feel confident that my father is in good hands when I‘m not there.

From the Provider

Care4U provides in-home care services by both caring and trained companions
and licensed Certified Home Health Aides. We offer a wide range of
services. Our comforting companions can help with day to day chores,
provide piece of mind, and a lasting friendship. While our compassionate
aides can help with mobility, bathing, feeding, medications and more.