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Customer Reviews

Not recommended for even my worst enemy!!

I should preface this comment by saying that this facility is no longer named Calvin Johnson Care Center, but Midwest Rehab & Respiratory Center.

Staff response times to call lights are incredibly slow (example: I lay in the middle of the floor of my room unconscious with a low blood sugar for over 3 hours one night while staff actually brought my roommate in and dealt with her while completely ignoring me...what does that tell you about responding to patient needs? I ended up in the hospital by that following morning). The attitudes of CNA's and nurses, for the most part (there are a few exceptions), range anywhere from apathetic to condescending when dealing with patients and/or their families. On occasion, they have been downright [removed] and/or mean and, sometimes, quite rough in their handling of patients [removed]. Honestly, so many of the staff members here are downright lazy, surly, loud-mouthed (very often it sounds like partying out in the hallways) and caring more about gossiping (usually about other workers or even other patients) in the hallways and patient rooms while tending to patients or playing on their cellphones and/or hiding so they don't have to do any work (I'm including at least one nurse with that last statement). There are constant problems getting medications correct on almost a daily basis. The facility, in general, looks as though it should have been razed a long time ago and rebuilt. It is just incredibly run down (example: I just spent an entire weekend without a working toilet because it kept overflowing and flooding my whole room).

I should also mention that this facility is under investigation for a patient death from the State of Illinois at the moment. I honestly would not recommend this facility to ANYONE, not even to my worse enemy.