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Customer Reviews

Southern California Elder Care

In home helpers were all very nice and willing to accommodate my needs when they showed up. Unfortunately, they failed to show up frequently, and often I did not know about it until 30 minutes after they were due. Perhaps the problem was that 4 hours twice a week was not worth the effort to come. Also, the communication between the director and the financial officer was so poor that I had to make three phone calls to make corrections to the invoices.

Highly recommend Cal Elder Home Care—highly responsive, caring, and responsible team; they truly care! You will not be disappointed. Call them asap!

Great Job!

California Elder Home Care, Inc is doing a great job. They are doing so well that my dad seems to be getting better with the extra help they provide. They are good about showing up on time and they provide good companionship to go along with everything else that they do. They help with his personal care, meals, and take him to his doctor appointments. They are very presentable with a friendly attitude. They are doing a full service and providing quality care. I would definitely recommend them to others.

An ok service

I really can not complain about this service. The caregivers that come are friendly to my loved one. The concern we have is that they do not help with some of the things we requested such as light housekeeping. We can communicate with the administration fairly well. We set up the service over the phone and they sent us a link to view their webpage. They are flexible when it comes to having caregivers come to the house.

Quality care but more training needed in other areas

The caregiver they sent was very professional and courteous.She was very green and didn't know how to make oatmeal or JELL-O. I think more training on cooking is important if they are going to be helping with feeding. The contact for the agency was very easy to communicate with and schedule. I chose California Elder Home Care because they were highly recommend.

Wonderful Experience!!

We had needed this company for my mother when she came home from the hospital for twenty four hour care. The lady who came and stayed with her was wonderful. My mother was comfortable in her care and was provided great quality of care. I have no complaints and would defiantly recommend this home health services to anyone in need.

My father's caregiver, Martha, was wonderful. Professional, warm and caring.

Care at home

I am happy with the care from this services. the caretakers were reliable and helping with transportation to and from Dr. Light housekeeping and small errands. We were happy for the help with the personal needs. The service might need more care takers. We would recommend this service to other families for great care in there home.

Great in home

I am happy with the community. The staff is nice and caring. I was happy with the services that I received at home. I will call them in the furture. Other families would be happy with this home service for the care of a loved one.

Great experience

They were wonderful! I had no complaints with them at all! [Removed] was very helpful and able to get someone to our home within hours! I really appreciated their service.

$22/hour. 4 hour minimum per visit. No required minimum number of days per week. Will come once a week or as often as needed. Suggested telling dad she's a personal assistant instead of a caregiver. In addition to keeping him company can also help as needed with laundry, change sheets, grocery store, errands or cooking. (no additional charge).[Removed] was very helpful. She had some good suggestions.

Great Service

This is a nice service. The care from the caretaker. I got great assistance with light house keeping and laundry. Going to the store for me and helping me get to my doctor's appointments was very helpful. She knows what to look for. The care taker is always on time and reliable always. She is flexible for all our needs. This service is very highly recommended.

Our Caregiver Is Good

So far the experience with our caregiver is good. She is able to provide care and we are able to communicate well. She cooks food that I get for my dad and she does a good job clean up around the house. I would recommend the help to family and friends.

Caring Caregivers!!

I really feel that the California Elder Home Care is always short of staff. We have had several caregivers that it took time to feel comfortable with to leave them alone with my loved one and then they left or got moved. I feel like they should hire caregivers that want to work for longer times because it is very confusing for my loved one as well. The caregivers that have come have done a wonderful job and they are very attentive to the needs of my loved one. As i was arriving home yesterday i heard the current caregiver singing to my loved one i thought this was really sweet.

I cannot say enough good things about California Elder Home Care!!!!

The caregiver we have is the best. She helps out wherever we need her to. She helps with being a companion, light housekeeping, meal preparation, personal needs and medication reminders. I feel comfortable enough with her that she also takes him shopping. The manager of this agency is awesome. She explained what a caregiver could help me with and made me feel comfortable with this decision. I would recommend this agency.

We Have A Lovely Nurse

It has been a good experience for us with this home care agency. I feel comfortable with leaving my husband in the care of the nurse. The nurse they sent out to help us has been great. She is very helpful and experienced. There was one schedule mixed up from the agency, but that has been the only issues I've had with the agency. Overall everything has worked out well. I would recommend this home care agency.

They have worked out well so far.

They have worked out well so far. They have been very helpful and reliable. We have been happy with their service.

It's been fine so far

It's been fine so far. We haven't had any issues with reliability, or people not showing up. I would give them a positive score.

Highly recommend!

I did have a good experience with California Elder Home Crae for my mom. I would highly recommend them, everything went well. We have had to stop the service at this time due to my mother not doing so well. But I may use this service again in the future if needed.