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A Disaster

We used 24 Hr HomeCare's services for three weeks, and it was a disaster. I indicated very specific needs for my loved one including the ability to transfer my loved one and knowledge of Hoyer Lifts. About 80% of the people they sent over were not up to snuff. Two people that came were excellent, but the others were not trained properly for our needs. I had to call paramedics seven times in the three weeks we used 24 hr, and I called the company many times to reiterate our needs, but nothing changed.

I would not recommend working with this agency

Working with this agency was like finding temporary help. It didn’t feel like they were really trying to find someone that would fit our needs. They have to ask the caregivers if they even want the job and half the time it seems like they lie to the caregivers to get them to go. The pay the caregivers receive is abysmal and it just seems like the agency doesn’t care whatsoever. I wish I could work with the caregivers directly and just keep the agency out of it. They’re rarely available during the weekends and it’s hard to speak to the same person more than once. The one person that did come out here was pretty good, the problem we had was with her availability and anytime we’d try to get them back, they would be too busy. I do not recommend them.

They were great, very professional when mom was just out of the hospital. Unfortunately they must be recommended by the hosp, one can't hire them from the outside.

[Removed]Officer. Very good services. Expensive, but probably a tax write off They do everything including helping to outfit the home with accommodations.

Never Showed UP

We were all set to use this service. I had someone from this agency come out and evaluate my wife and come up with a care plan and even made a deposit. The first day someone was supposed to come out no one ever did no call anything. The second day the same thing happened still no phone call for an explanation on the third day someone came out in the afternoon which was not the right time and I told them to leave I was no longer interested in using them anymore. I have not heard from them and they have yet to return any of my money for a service they did not perform.

Good Service But Need One Consistent Caregivers

It is going good for my dad at home but the person that was helping has not been available. He liked the caregiver. He has someone new every week. He has dementia and it makes it difficult when a new person shows up. The service has been great for my dad.

The First Great Agency

The services from 24 Hr HomeCare has been wonderful. Every person they have sent has been good with my mom. She likes every person that has come to the house to help her. [Removed] is making sure she is keeping in touch to check on us with the services. I would recommend this agency to my friends or family. We interviewed with them and loved all that we heard and started services with them.

Satisfied with this service!

I am satisfied with the care that my loved one is receiving from 24 Hour Home Care! The staff are very friendly, they keep everything clean and sanitary, and they are sure to keep me posted on changes and updates. I am happy with the service that my loved one is receiving!

They seemed to be helpful and reliable.

They seemed to be helpful and reliable. The insurance and just the system in general is difficult, but the agency was fine. The girl they sent was very nice and we didn't have any issues working with them specifically.

Nice and convenient

We only needed the agency for a day and they came through and did exactly what was asked of them. Thankfully we did not need them on a consistent basis and it was great that they were still willing to help without a minimum of hours needed. I'd definitely use them again if the need arises.


The administrative staff and the caregivers are very professional and caring at 24 Hour Home Care. They really worked with us on what we needed. The caregivers that they sent out were great and very competent.

Review of 24 Hr Homecare - Encino, CA

24 HR Homecare is professional, knowledgable & compassionate. Their employees take a true interest in the people and communities they serve.

Review of 24Hr Homecare - Encino, CA

Very good!

Review of 24 Hr Home Care - Encino, CA

They are very easy to call and quick to respond. Caregivers are very good with the patients, never rushing, never curt, always respectful and accommodating.

Review of 24 Hr Home Care - Encino, CA

24 Hr Homecare are very friendly - quick about getting back to you about their service - all staff are professional. I'd rate them as a 100 stars if possible. Thank you for everything. I love the fact that they visit our facility every Thursday and build great relationships with everyone.

Review of 24 Hr Home Care - Encino, CA

24 Hr Homecare is a very friendly and efficient company. They are very caring and personable. I trust our business relationship and would recommend them to anyone.

Review of 24 Hr Home Care - Encino, CA

24 hour home care is exceedingly professional. They are precise, friendly, and punctual. We love using 24 Hr Home Care for our additional services.

Review of 24 Hr Home Care - Encino, CA

I work at Sunrise Assisted Living of Woodland Hills. We use 24Hr Home Care a lot for our residents, they are reliable and always willing to help.

Review of 24 Hr Home Care - Encino, CA

24 Hour provide the best care!

Review of 24 Hr Home Care - Encino, CA

24 Hr Care has been so positive and helpful in dealing with our residents needs. They are timely and lovely and have been great partners with our community! We highly recommend them.

Review of 24 Hr Home Care - Encino, CA

24 Hr Home Care works so well with our assisted living community. They are very responsive and always willing to help. Very professional staff!

Review of 24 Hr Home Care - Encino, CA

The staff at 24 Hr Home Care are wonderful to work with. They are very helpful and are excellent on their follow through, with wonderful, caring staff we very much enjoy working with 24 Hr Home Care of Encino.

Pay Attention!

I would not recommend this agency to anyone. The caregivers are very unprofessional and talk bad about the agency itself. I give these kids credit for getting a business started at such a young age but they need to do a more extensive check on their employees. The caregiver has offered her services to be private on several occasions which has really made me feel uncomfortable. She makes sure she comes to my home with a big bag and I've noticed a few things missing. Again, I would not recommend them.

incredibly helpful

Their intake process is very detailed, and they go beyond in trying to help out in any way they can. They do a lot of research for you, work with you on your budget, accommodate you in any way you can, etc. I have spoken to many people about care for my mother, and 24 Hr HomeCare really stands out above and beyond the rest.

This service has been very helpful. I am using on as needed basis and it just takes a quick phone call to set up care for a certain date and time which is always confirmed. It allows me to make appointments and be away for short or longer periods of time and know my loved one is being well cared for.

super friendly and helpful

We have had a very good experience with 24 Hr HomeCare. The caregivers have really been great. When I call there is always someone available to answer any questions I might have, and they are always super friendly and helpful. Sometimes there is a little bit of a delay in answering e-mail, but I understand they are busy, and any time i call I am able to get what I need.

very pleased

I have been very pleased with 24 Hr HomeCare. They were really fast and responsive any time we needed them.

They have also been really flexible, willing to work around our schedule and accommodate us.

24 Hr HomeCare was very fle...

24 Hr HomeCare was very flexible and responsive to our needs and desires. I was impressed with their business model as well as their selection of and required training for all caregivers.

We have mostly had a good experience. Everyone has been very friendly.

We have mostly had a good experience. Everyone has been very friendly. For the most part people have been pretty knowledgeable and good, but there were one or two people that weren't very good, they were maybe in over their head. In the beginning we had quite a few different people, but now that we have been using them for a little while, we get mostly the same people. It's worked out pretty well.

Very happy with their professionalism

These folks take their job seriously, and are definitely worth the money. I have called last minute, and they have scrambled to accommodate my needs. Mother has liked all the girls they send, and the caregivers themselves like their agency. Jennifer, the young woman who initially did the in-home assessment, completely sold me by her professionalism and utter confidence in her company. We could have gotten cheaper in-home care, but with 24 Hr I never have to stress about anything.