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Customer Reviews

Not a good company in my opinion

Calgary Elder Care is one of the most disorganized and incompetent companies I have encountered throughout my 15+ years of experience in both management and senior care. They do not respect their employees or their clients. I've observed dishonesty of management to both client and employee more times then Id like to count. They have no moral compass and I wouldn't be surprised if they were to be put out of business for they are lacking the essential ingredient in being a care company: compassion for those in need and managerial integrity. Its interesting observing the managers interact with employees and breaching confidentiality of clients and vice versa to clients about employees. There is no appreciation for employees or clients from the management staff. Number one goal in this company is to make money, I've seen them work girls for weeks of consecutive 24 hour shifts with no reprieve. They do not pay comp time or over time which is in my opinion is a slimy choice for a company that depends solely on good caregivers. No incentive there. (side note if you work more then 264 hours in a month as per law they are required to pay you overtime, they keep this fact to themselves in all cases I've observed management put on a facade of ignorance and bring to light a whole new definition to being fake. I've observed repetitive mistakes on pay checks(not little mistakes), intimidation and mistreatment towards employees who speak up for observed wrong doings within the company and all promises made by management (pay raise, many clients, benefits). All are falsities of a strong nature. In closing my review I would like to say that the clients are amazing even if you get a so called "tough/grumpy" (managements terms), all clients and employees should be treated with respect regardless. Being part of both management and private care realms, I'm in disbelief that this company is still up and running. They have great employees who would do ten times better on there own in the private care sector then being "managed " by these people who know so little about business they ask for references and to acquire pre-employment papers after a year of an employee working full-time for them. Would I want my loved ones in the hands of this muddled company? Absolutely not, never.

So far they have been fine.

So far they have been fine. We have been happy with their service. No complaints, it all seems to have worked out well. They are helpful and reliable.

I had a very good experience with their services.

I had a very good experience with their services. We did not use them extensively, but I would not hesitate to use them again if I needed to. Pat at A Place For Mom was also very helpful and I would use their services again too.