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  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Hospice Available

Customer Reviews


My mother is in Oregon and I am in Arizona, so I have had to rely on them to transport and take care of my mom. One day I set her up to go to the doctor. Mom has dementia, and mom later told me about how good the doctor visit went, and I later found out from the doctor that she was a no-show. Brightstar Healthcare then asked mom if she went, and mom said yes (which was not accurate) and they dropped it from there. I provided feedback to them about how they need to communicate with and trust me rather than her.

Not a good experience

Our experience with Brightstar was not a good one, overall. The administrative staff were pleasant to work with and get information from, but when we decided to use the service and tried to contact them we didn't hear back from them for quite a while. When we did hear back from them the woman they sent over was not very professional. She was wearing a shabby looking stained t-shirt, and Mom said that she wasn't very social and seemed standoffish.

I liked the smallness and boutique na...

I liked the smallness and boutique nature of business.

From the Provider

BrightStar Home Care of West Portland proudly provides support for the elderly and children, including 24 hour skilled nursing and support in senior independent and assisted living communities. Additionally we provide Medical Staffing and In-Home Physical Therapy for pediatric, adult and geriatric patients, Companion and Personal Care for Elders with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. We also provide Home Child Care, Sitter and Nanny services for Children and Support for New Mothers. We Support Veterans and Accept most Long Term Care Insurance benefits, provide Hospice care, Live-in care, CNA, Caregiver, RN, LVN, RN Supervision, Compassionate Care, and Compatibility Guarantees.