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Customer Reviews

Horrible Experience

I would not recommend this board and care home. Our experiences were horrible with putting my mom into their care. The presentation at first is great, but once we moved her in, the experience went downhill from there. The owner, Coty is very dishonest and lied to us many times. My mom was only there for a month and she began a quick decline beginning the first week with a bed sore as large as an orange before her staff finally asked me to get involved with getting my mom medical help. When I asked the owner, Coty about the sore, she said, "Oh no, it's not bad at all!" "It is really small and it's just the skin that's pulled away." But since her staff person was adamant about it being bad, I sought professional advice immediately and requested a "home health nurse" to go out and check my mom out. A home health nurse was assigned and went out that evening and called me from the "in home" place telling me that my mom needed to see a wound doctor at the local hospital ASAP. So I contacted my mom's primary doctor and asked him to do a referral for her to be seen by the wound specialist which was done the next day. And YES, the would doctor confirmed that the bedsore needed immediate treatment and sent her back home with instructions to Coty to apply the ointment. Also, the home health nurse was ordered to go every day to treat the wound. But it wasn't but a few days after that when the nurse called me again and said, your mom needs to go to the doctor ASAP because the wound has gotten worse and is now infected with urine and feces. Again, I contacted Coty who again LIED saying that it wasn't bad and she was sure it was NOT infected. Well, my mom had a follow-up appointment to go back to the doctor and this time, Coty sent my mom on the ACCESS van and said she followed behind the van and would stay with my mom until she was brought back to her facility. I called Coty at around 3:00pm to see how the appointment had gone since I live in Northern California and unfortunately relied upon and entrusted my mom into the care of this Board and Care home. Because my mom had dementia and was wheelchair bound and incontinence, she couldn't articulate the care she was receiving. Coty LIED yet again and texted me the following, "Mama did well at the doctors." "She has another follow-up appointment in a couple of weeks." "Mama was tired so she asked to go to bed, so she is resting." But at 5:00pm, I called the Board and Care and asked to speak to my mom and the staff person said, "She is still at the hospital with Coty". I said really? So at about 8:00pm, Coty sends me a text message saying, "PLEASE CALL ME ASAP". So I frantically contacted her for fear of something being gravely wrong with my mom and you will NEVER BELIEVE WHAT SHE TOLD ME!!!!! She said her staff had phoned her at 8:00pm asking where was my mom? I said, "WHAT??? Isn't she with you, Didn't you see her back home from the doctor on the ACCESS van? She said she didn't see that she got home okay, even though she promised me when I came for a tour that that was one of the things she would do for my mom which was to accompany her to and from the doctors especially since she had dementia. But once she was dropped off at the doctor's, she left my mom. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????????? MY MOM HAS DEMENTIA AND SHE HAD LIED and TOLD ME THAT MY MOM HAD A GOOD DOCTOR VISIT AND WAS HOME SLEEPING????? As you can see, she lied yet AGAIN!!!! I was hysterical and starting asking her where is my mom??? She then asked me for the phone number to the ACCESS van but by now, ACCESS was closed. While I was frantically on the phone with her, apparently my mom finally showed up to her house in the ACCESS van which was supposed to have been there by 3:30pm and now its' 8:00pm. They lost my mother for four hours after her doctor's appointment. They claimed that the access van showed up at 8:00 because their van had broken down. So where was my mom for those 4 hours?? To this day, NO ONE COULD TELL ME!! I filed a complaint with ACCESS and they wanted to investigate and get back to me. I am still waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, I was really getting concerned about the care my mom was receiving from this place since there had been one fiasco and lie after another. Oh, and did I mention that they were only giving her "ensure" that we had to purchase? They claimed she would not eat but LOVED ensure so they only gave her ensure 3 times a day. Well, guess what, another very credentialed nurse who saw my mom once, called me to tell me that my mom was malnourished and needed for me to get her primary doctor to prescribe several supplements and other needed medical items. WOW!!!!

So still not satisfied, I asked the two people that had been taking care of my mom before taking her to this place to go and visit her to check on her because I trusted them and wanted their honest opinion. OMG, both went at separate times and called me from the place saying that my mom was in a bad place and looked terrible!! That she was asking them for water because she was so thirsty and drank 12 ounces of water at one time. Also, they sent me pictures from their cell phones of sores on my mom's face, her foot, her legs which were not there prior to my mom going to this place!!! Remember , she was only there 1 month. You are probably asking, where is my mom now? Well, after only being at this place for a month, my mom passed away the day after Mother's day which was a HUGE SHOCK and SURPRISE to everyone including my mom's doctor and all of us!!!
Coty contacted me the next day after my mom passed away to say she wanted to reimburse me the full care fee for May since my mom was only there 4 days of May. I said, thank you so much and since my mom's death was totally unexpected that we could use the monies to help towards her burial. She said she would bring to my mom's funeral. Well, she came to mom's funeral and at the burial site, she walked over to me and handed me an envelope and said, "Please read the note inside and it will explain everything." Well, after I got home from my mom's burial, I opened the envelope and low and behold, she was 1800.00 short of what she promised me as a refund. Her note was giving me some sob sad story that had NOTHING to do with me!!!!!!!!!!!!! Again, she LIED!!

I have been asking myself every day since my mom's passing, "Would my mom still be alive if we had not put her into "BLESSED TOUCH HOME CARE" ?

Again, the care is horrible. They treated my mother very badly, although Coty pretended to be loving and caring for my mom. She was never taken out of her bed and developed very bad bed sores. Coty the owner would repeatedly promise things and not follow through with them. They only wanted my mom for the money! PLEASE DO NOT TAKE YOUR LOVE ONES TO THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!!!