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Customer Reviews

Best hope is a good company

Have been with best hope for more than one year and they have been taking care of both my mom and daughter they are great and the staffs are great.sometimes u cannot judge a company by a bad employee, I'm still with them and there prices are reasonable ..

Horrible communication and scheduling

The two is being generous, it was a disaster. What I can say is the person that was coming here would come a little late, she'd leave a little early and sometimes she wouldn't show up.
The first week she was here (she only came two days a week) she came the first day and the second day she had to leave early because one of her kids had an appointment which I understand because I raised three kids. The second week she didn't come the second day because she had a family emergency which I also understand so that wasn't a problem. The problem was there wasn't a lot of communication between best hope and me. She said she had hoped to be back the following Tuesday but that she would let me know, but I didn't hear anything from her; so when I called best hope they said they would send somebody over but they would come at 2. I didn't need someone to come then but they said they would get back to me and let me know. So I waited and waited, they didn't call me back and they never did so I called them and told them to forget it. The third week she came on Tuesday and Friday she just didn't show up at all so I told them I was done. She would bring him outside and sit with him, she'd help him take showers, but I guess that was kind of it. I think it's less expensive than what we have now actually, but you get what you pay for and I certainly did.

From the Provider

At Best Hope Home Healthcare, LLC we are committed to serve both children and adults with special HealthCare needs.Our goal is to provide quality care in a courteous, efficient, and professional manner. We deliver quality medical home healthcare to our clients and families to thrive at home with the assistance of our devoted and trustworthy employees to make you feel the comfort of recovering at home.It is our passion to provide you with the best treatment in the industry.

We also know that recovering at home is more preferable than staying in any first class hospice/Hospital. There is nothing that beats the scent and serenity of your own residence. That's why Best Hope Home Healthcare, LLC have made it a point to provide you with services that carries the expertise of a hospital staff yet with the comfort of a family member.