Arcadia Home Care & Staffing - Lansing, MI

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Customer Reviews

Battle Creek area Arcadia Home Care

Care givers for the most part are non-caring and many times no shows or late. They want blank forms signed that they have provided care they haven't. Several of their caregivers have spent the entire time they were suppose to be caring for the client instead talking on their cell phone or playing games with their heads buried in their ipads or phones. Terrible client care in the Battle Creek area.

Not Impressed At All

Part of our complaint was either you had a caregiver who was too involved with the family or someone who just spent the whole day sitting at the table, not cleaning or cooking or doing the laundry like there were supposedly supposed to be doing. It took two and a half months for them to refund the security deposit we paid them and I had to make several phone calls to get that back. I was not impressed with the company at all.