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Trusted Professionals Caring for Our Aging Seniors

One of the hardest parts of retiring from my assisted living career, was leaving behind trusted professionals who helped me assist seniors and their families. Aging Wisely With Heartfelt Hands is the #1 trusted source for this aid.

[Name removed] and her crew focus on the best medical-based care plans, services and living options for their clients. While making sure they are doing what's best for them, they also assure the critical involvement of family and friends.

"Heartfelt" is a business focus beyond their name as they take a holistic approach for clients through their in-home care services. When the time comes to consider options outside the home, they are focused on what's best for an aging senior AND their family.

I trust these folks. You should, too!

Highly recommended from a caring senior community professional who knows. 5-Stars - earned AND deserved!

Aging Wisely Newport Oregon

Without [Removed], all her employees, including especially, Jennifer, and the Aging Wisely Agency, I would not have been able to care for my father and step-mother from 3000 miles away. It was one of the best recommendations I have ever had, when a social worker at the hospital in Newport told me about Aging Wisely. This happened during an emergency trip to Oregon almost seven years ago, when I found them both in need of home health and eventually assisted care. Kath Schonau's counseling through the steps of a difficult time have made all the difference, as I sought to make the best decisions for their well-being and care,

I Couldn't Have Done It Without Aging Wisely

Aging Wisely helped my Mom for three years, from preparing for her move out of her home to Oceanview assisted living, and finally to Lakeview memory care. My Mom received good services including grocery shopping, trips to the doctor/dentist that included a milkshake and drive to the coast, food from whatever restaurant she desired, and most importantly, companionship. I am especially grateful to [Removed] for becoming such a wonderful, caring friend. I so appreciate all of the emails from Michelle that provided me with the details of Mom's changing world. As I live in Washington State and my Mother wanted to stay in Newport, I knew she was in caring hands. Aging Wisely staff were there during my Mother's tears, anger, confusion, distrust and fear, and I hope they know in their hearts how much my Mom enjoyed having her "girls" visit her.

Super Supportive & Responsive

Aging Wisely was a godsend in our lives, helping us to troubleshoot and problem solve as our mother declined (with dementia). They were available in so many capacities, first as a consultation as we tried to figure out how to support our mother with health care proxies and other long-term planning, and then, with finding a compassionate memory care facility and navigating the social service systems. Kath was our primary contact and she was AMAZING. When it came time to moving our mother half way across the country, her creative ideas were spot on and helped to make a daunting task into something manageable. We are so appreciative of Kath and of Aging Wisely.

Find someone else

The management of this company is rude and nasty. While trying to settle a payment dispute they literately told me they didn't want our business anymore. This is after we put up with their people not showing up when supposed to and having to be monitored as to the job they were doing. Don't trust your loved ones to this company.

Consistently Outstanding and Trustworthy Assistance

Aging Wisely (AW) is an outstanding organization. Over the last year they have worked with us to establish the best caregiver and schedule for our mom. I receive regular updates and know the schedule a week or more in advance. AW works with you to ensure that special features of your loved one are considered with each and every visit. We had a great initial visit with the staff so we knew what our mutual expectations would be for our mom's care. The staff is courteous and thoughtful and you can tell right away that they invest their resources wisely by emphasizing quality care above all else. My association with AW has been a marvelous experience and allows me to relax knowing that my mother is around people who care for her and understand my family’s needs. I recommend Aging Wisely without reservation.

Terrible experience

I had very bad experiences with this agency. They sent me people who either couldn't or wouldn't do the job. Complaints to the office fell on deaf ears. They made excuses rather than did anything to improve the situation. I would be sent new people all the time so I had to continual retrain. I've had things broken in my house. All in all, just a horrendous experience.