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Customer Reviews

Conniving and Manipulative Owner/Administrator

Oh are they miserable! Very bad. The people that work there are totally unfamiliar with diabetes. The only training they have is first aid and there is no nurse on site. The woman who is the administrator/owner claimed to be a nurse and we discovered that she had no license for that. When my mom was considering putting my step-dad there Joanna came to her house and wanted to lease my mom’s house from her and transform it into an assisted living and pay her $2500 a month. Absolutely not! That shows you how conniving she is.

He’s got Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and they weren’t helping him eat. He doesn’t always get his food in his mouth because of the Parkinson’s and I told her, he has Parkinson’s and she said “oh, we haven’t noticed that.” So the care was really bad. They kept changing the pricing, taking advantage of my mom. It was terrible. When we went to go pick him up to take him out they wouldn’t let us take any of his medicine with us. They held his medicine hostage. It was really weird.