24 Hr HomeCare - San Mateo - San Mateo, CA

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Customer Reviews

Worst Experience Ever

This was such a horrible experience I would never recommend this agency to anyone. Yes after my experience they did do a follow-up phone call and apologized for everything that went wrong but it was too late the damage had already been done. I have never heard of an agency not having some sort of answering service where if a caregiver is unable to honor an appointment they have some way of letting the agency know. We had 3 different caregivers in a weeks time which just added more stress to an already stressful situation. The agency is very unprofessional in the way they handle their staffing. If someone is using your service then there is a reason why and to leave that family without help and not notify them is just unprofessional and not right then to use the excuse of not knowing your caregiver didn't show up. That is unexpectable in today's age of technology. I think you better examine your protocol of procedures for you employees.