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Customer Reviews

When [Removed] came out to meet with us in October 2017, we were very impressed. He was professional, thorough, and very pleasant.. We didn’t need any services until January 2018. I called 24 hour care on a Monday to arrange a caregiver to take my 90 year old Mom to a radiology appointment on Friday. I was told that someone would call my mom with details. I live in Arizona, Mom lives in San Diego so I can’t get her to her appointments. Anyway, I called on Wednesday to inquire on mom’s ride. I was told that they were having difficulty finding a caregiver to drive out to my mom’s even though [Removed] assured me there would be no problem with the distance. On Thursday, I called again to check on mom’s Friday ride. Again, I was told that they were still looking for someone to take her. By Thursday afternoon, I called 24 hour care and told them to forget it and I cancelled my mom’s appointment. I am in the process of finding another company.

The caregiver has been very helpful with my family's needs

Anytime I’m around my husband, he needs me to do things for him so it can be hard trying to get the housework and things like that done. I needed help in the house and with him, which is why I chose this agency. The caregiver they send us comes by to keep an eye on my husband while I do small chores around the house and she’ll come by twice a week for about 2 hours a day. When I need to go to the doctor, she’ll even come with me to help keep an eye on him. She helps clean the house, do the laundry, and even cook. My husband doesn’t need to be kept occupied so she doesn’t do any kind of activities with him, but rather just helps out where I need her to. What I’ve needed done, they’ve been able to do and we’re happy with the service.

A great service

We have only used this service a few times and things have gone great. The caregivers that come out to the house have been on time and very professional. They are a great companion for my loved one. They explained everything about the service up front and they were very knowledgeable. They are flexible and able to work with short notice. I will continue to use this service and I would recommend it.

In home care

This has been a great service for care. We like the staff. They did all that they could to assist us in our needs for in-home care. The care takes was help for when they were needed. We would recommend that family seeking the options that are available for in-home care.

Knew about my needs from A Place From Mom. [Removed] was a pleasure to talk to on the phone. Looking forward to setting a family appointment soon. ($21.50 to 26.00 per hr) We need 24/7 care; they work in 12 he shifts. Over time will occur.
ADLs, assist w/pt

Very good service, they really help you with your needs.

Care in home

This was a nice service. We liked that the service. They were able to send out a care taker as soon as we needed someone to come to our home. They were a good companion and they help with the some of the personal care that we required. We wanted the same care taker on a regular basis and not someone different each time we needed in home care. We would recommend this service to other families needing in home care for a loved one

They were fabulous

I could not have been more pleased with the service that they provided us. The agency kept all the appointments never canceled on us but the best things were the person who came was constant. The agency never stated the staffing like other agencies tends to do. We felt very comfortable with letting them into our home they were kind and very knowledgeable.
I would absolutely recommend them to anyone.

Care at home

This is a nice service for care for my parents. The staff is attentive and caring. The care taker does try and help with the needs of my parents when informed on what their needs are. The staff is very caring and helpful. We would recommend the service and the care take to other families needing help at home

I ended up not using this service. While they were quick to respond initially and sounded like a good organization, they seemed unorganized thereafter so I cancelled the service.

They Are Helping My Wife

It has been good for my wife. I have no problem and everything they do is fine and good. I have had nothing but great services.

Quite Satisfied

My love one is doing well since she started to receive home care services from the agency. We are quite satisfied with the services they have provided my love one with. They help out with light house keeping, and some personal care. The agency has been good to work with, and I would recommend this home care agency.

24 hr.HomeCare helpful and efficient.
Caregiver is friendly and punctual

Good care!!

While my mother was receiving care from the caregivers at 24 Hr Homecare, I was pleased with their service. The caregivers were always on time and very friendly. My mother no longer needs them but it was a good help while she had them.

Satisfied with this Home Care

My parents are doing pretty well since they started to receive services from this home care agency. I'am satisfied with all the help they have provided my parents with. They are mainly there to supervise, and help out if needed. Overall it has been a good experience, and I would recommend this home care agency.

Pleased with This Home Care Agency

My sister is doing very well since she started to receive services from this home care agency. She is satisfied with all they have done for her. She is currently getting a new care giver, but the one she had was wonderful. Everything is going very well, and I would recommend this home care agency.

Satisfied With This Home Care Agency

This truly a good home care agency. The help they are providing me with has been great. The care givers are great, they are really good at what they do. I'am pleased with everything they have done for me. It has been a great experience so far. I would recommend this home care to my family and friends.

Ready To Help

We have used this agency twice for my mother. The caregivers arrived on time and they understood what things we needed help with . I have no complaints about this agency. I would recommend their help.

Nice caregivers!!

The caregivers from 24 Hr Homecare provided good services for my mother. They helped with the cleaning and maintaining everything organized. The caregivers were nice and attentive. Some meals were prepared for my mother from them and they were good. Overall they were a good place with courteous staff.

Responsive Supportive Care: Perfect Solution For Us

We need in-home care for a very independently-minded elderly mother, for whom the idea of accepting help from outside of the family was initially daunting. 24 Hr Homecare came through on their promise to match a suitable caregiver to our family member. After the first visit, our mom was ready to commit to a weekly schedule of care. After the second visit, mom was making plans for subsequent visits with the caregiver. Our caregiver is skilled, respectful, smart, and absolutely dedicated to mom's safety, comfort, and enjoyment of each visit. The beneficial impact of our caregiver on mom's self-esteem cannot be measured. The value of our caregiver improves life for mom and the whole family. We have a trusty resource in 24 Hr Care, and we can now settle back into a wholesome family rhthym.
24 Hr Homecare has provided rapid responses to phone calls and emails. Our Account Manager answered all our questions by phone and in the initial in-home assessment. The company provides thorough information in all communications, in a handy easy-to-use packet left in our home.

I love them!

They get here on time, and they treat us like family.

They have been very helpful and very reliable.

They have been very helpful and very reliable. Their intake process was very good and very helpful. There were just a couple of glitches before we got started, but other than that, it's worked out great.

They are not being very helpful or reliable.

They are not being very helpful or reliable. We are not happy. They have had issues getting people to work the weekend. The person they did have come out was on her cell phone so she was sent home, they were unable to find a replacement, and didn't let me know until late in the night, during that time my loved one fell and broke her hip. Justin and Rowena have been wonderful, but the lack of responsibility of the agency is not okay. This was a concern that I had brought up to them before and they convinced me it wouldn't be a problem, and now my loved one is paying the consequences.

Review of 24 Hr Homecare - San Diego, CA

We found an excellent caregiver match for my mom in terms of personality and skills after speaking with Justin of 24 Hr Homecare. This has worked out well. They are a bit pricey but the security of having a well-vetted caregiver is worth it assuming one can afford it

Thank you - 24 Hr Homecare San Diego

The initial contact was great as the 24 Hr Homecare staff became familiar with our needs and we became familiar with what services could be provided.

Once engaged, the care givers that were provided were prompt, friendly, caring and professional.

As our engagement was more of a service 'as needed' , scheduling was easy and the representative was proactive in making sure our needs were met. Other than one instance of miscommunication, service was provided professionally, as requested, in a caring manner.

Although no longer needed at this time, should we need further services, our first call will be to 24 Hr Homecare.

They have done very well. We had one caregiver that didn't show up. Once we brought it to their attention they found us a consistent person that works out well, and that we are able to consistently get. The billing was a little confusing at first, but they have gotten things straightened out now.

Overall Great Services

Overall my mother received great services with 24Hr Homecare.

They were pretty good.

They were pretty good. They were reliable, and the billing was fine, no issues with that. It took quite a bit of time to find the right fit for us, but once they did, it worked out fine, and we were able to have the same person pretty consistently.

Overall A Good Experience

Overall our experience with 24 Hour Homecare was a good one. Be advised, that because of overtime laws, if you actually need 24 hour care, 7 days a week, you will have a panel of different people caring for your loved one (though the same 4-5 people every week.) Three of our four caregivers were wonderful, the fourth, however, failed to come at night when my mother called, and had to be replaced. We never did find someone for the fourth time slot my mother felt comfortable with, but I'm sure that's a difficult shift to fill. Price-wise, they are comparable to most other care agencies I contacted. The liaison we were assigned was very helpful and responsive when we requested any changes.

very happy

I was very pleased with 24 Hr Homecare. The girl that was here was wonderful with my mother. They were very helpful. I was very happy with the service we received.


I hired a 24 Hour Homecare caregiver for my mother about 6 weeks ago. A lot of consideration was given to selecting the right person, and we ended up with someone who is a great fit with my mom in terms of personality and interest. This caregiver has been absolutely fantastic so far, and we are very grateful for her help.

We had a small glitch with billing, but this was quickly corrected when brought to the attention of the right person (took two contacts and two bills to get to this point). Hence my 4.5 instead of 5 star review.

Very positive experience thus far

It's been a really good experience. Every caregiver has been really nice but we have had some "issues". They are not expected to cook or clean but they are very accommodating. However, it still remains to be seen whether or not this agency will work out in the long run.

5 stars

This is an agency that brings caregivers to your home to assist your loved one. They do there best to take my mom out for walks. Overall, I would recommend 24 hr Homecare.

They have been quite reliable, and quite good.

They have been quite reliable, and quite good. We are able to keep a consistent caregiver, and I don't have any complaints at this point, I am quite happy with them. I would rate them highly.

will use again

Everything with 24 Hr Homecare was perfect with the exception of them taking a while to respond to an email. It was really good and I definitely plan on using them again.

Weekend Respite

Very professional experience from start to finish.

I think they are doing a good job so far.

I think they are doing a good job so far. They have been very reliable. We have had a pretty consistent caregiver, so it's not always someone different. We haven't had any issues with the billing. Everything is really working out well.

Justin called. Very, very nice. Helpful and thoughtful. Fee's seem very reasonable in comparison.

From the Provider

At 24Hr HomeCare we know how important it is to select the right non-medical homecare provider to care for you or your loved one. We are committed to providing the best possible care for the entire San Diego County. Our team will go above and beyond ensuring you receive the highest level of customer service, dedication, and quality care unmatched in the industry.

24Hr HomeCare can help your loved one continue a full, active, and healthy way of life providing premier non-medical homecare tailored to your individual needs. We recognize it is not easy to bring someone new into your home, and strive to make it the most positive experience. We do this by only employing the most trusted, compassionate and experienced Caregivers. All of our Caregivers have undergone a rigorous 24-point screening process to ensure that you receive the care you deserve.

24Hr HomeCare provides numerous advantages that distinguish us from other companies providing non-medical homecare. Some of our advantages include:

• 24 Hour Availability – Living up to our name, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for any inquires, scheduling changes, or emergencies.

• No Minimum Hourly Requirement –We customize the care we provide to what works best with your schedule. A majority of non-medical homecare providers have a minimum hourly service requirement of three to four hours per day. 24Hr HomeCare has no minimum hourly requirement. We can provide assistance for as little as 30 minutes per day.

• Trusted, Compassionate and Experienced Caregivers – 24Hr HomeCare selects only the most trusted, compassionate, and experienced Caregivers. All of our Caregivers have been carefully chosen through our rigorous screening process.

• Real Time Caregiver Monitoring System – We continuously monitor our Caregivers through our Real Time Caregiver Monitoring System. Our Caregivers clock in and out through our advanced telephone system that allows us to effectively track hours and attendance in real time.

• Quality Assurance of Care – We conduct routine nurse and management supervisory visits to ensure client satisfaction. In addition, we perform random periodic check-ins to ensure our clients receive the best possible non-medical homecare.

• Disease-Specific Care – Your care will be customized to your specific needs and condition. Through our unparalleled connections with various healthcare organizations, 24Hr HomeCare receives the most up to date information on disease treatment and care procedures.

• Proceeds to a Charity of Choice – We feel so strongly about supporting our community that part of 24Hr HomeCare’s proceeds are donated to your charity of choice. Donations in your name will help contribute to research fighting various illnesses/diseases.