123 Home Care - Encino, CA

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Customer Reviews

I don’t know how this agency is getting good reviews

I’m not impressed with this agency. They really aren’t interested in finding you someone that can work with you long-term. They sent 8 caregivers within a week and a half. A couple of the caregivers seemed really great, but the problem was the agency would take them away and put them wherever there was more money available. They don’t give you straight answers about things and you really can’t trust what they say. They’ve even sent me caregivers that were in their 70s. They couldn’t do anything! I needed someone to help my mom and they couldn’t even do that. I would ask them not to send that caregiver again and the very next week, they sent the same person. You never talk with the same person, it doesn’t seem like anyone is in charge, and you have to call several times just to confirm details. They would send people out that lived too far from us and I’d ask them not to send me people that were too far but they wouldn’t listen. They don’t take an interest and they don’t even call to see how things are going. They’re not sending caregivers, they’re just sending senior companions. The only good thing about this agency is that they’re 24 hours and they send someone when you need them. I would not recommend them to anyone