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Mae's Place - Kingston, ON

Battersea Road, Kingston, ON K7K3T1

Elizabeth Cottage - Kingston, ON

251 Brock Street, Kingston, ON K7L 3J4

Rideaucrest Home - Kingston, ON

175 Rideau Street, Kingston, ON K7K 3E8

Rosewood Retirement Ctr - Kingston, ON

833 Sutton Mills Court, Kingston, ON K7M 7H4

The Rosewood - Kingston, ON

833 Sutton Mills Court, Kingston, ON K7M 7H4

Providence Manor - Kingston, ON

275 Sydenham Street, Kingston, ON K7K 3E8

Lombard Manor - Lombardy, ON

844 Highway 15 South RR1, Lombardy, ON K0G 1L0

MLP Residence - Picton, ON

13468 Loyalist Parkway, Picton, ON
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Assisted Living in Kingston, ON

Having a discussion about assisted living isn't the top of anyone's favorite topics list, but it is an important discussion all the same. Unfortunately, too many people put it off until the last minute, and then things can get complicated. For one, the longer you wait to apply for long-term care insurance, the higher the risk that you won't be approved. You'll also have to contend with waiting lists and figuring out payment options. There are also several factors that go into the decision to move a loved one to an assisted living facility, but the bottom line is about finding the right care for aging parents and grandparents. Once the family makes the decision, there are four principles to keep in mind. First, the ideal community should be conveniently located to as many family members as possible. Second, it should provide the highest possible care for an aging senior's needs. Third, it should provide seniors with a welcoming, supportive environment. And fourth, the cost is manageable for the family.

Discovering Kingston

Kingston has built itself a reputation for being a city designed for people. It offers the best in amenities and a lifestyle that focuses on enjoyment and relaxation. There are plenty of local jobs to keep commute times down, access to a major waterfront for sport and recreational activities, educational institutions, and a thriving entertainment scene. The beautiful city is also accompanied by pleasant weather most of the year, which makes it an ideal spot for assisted living care.


Location is an important consideration when a loved one enters assisted living. Ideally, you want your loved one to be close to as many family members as possible so they have a solid support system. However, it's not necessary to feel like you have to visit every day, so if the right community for your loved one is across town from you, then that's a better option than moving them to a community a mile away but is one they hate.

Level of Care Provided

Next, you should consider the level of care the facility provides its residents. As individuals age, they need more attention and, sometimes, medical care. Find out what certifications the staff has, and what happens if your loved one's health deteriorates while in assisted living. It's important to know at what point you may have to move your loved one to a nursing home.

Environment for Residents

The environment of an assisted living community should be supportive and nurturing, and if it's not, it's probably not the best place for your loved one. Parents and grandparents should be able to connect with the other residents, and with the staff, as these people will be like a second family to them. If your loved one is stressed out about their living arrangement, it could make things worse for their health and cause emotional problems within the family. It's better to find a community with a caring, supportive atmosphere that your loved one enjoys.

Paying for Assisted Living

Families should have a realistic idea of what assisted living costs. The average cost per month ranges from $1,500 to $3,500, depending on location and amenities. That's an overwhelming amount of money each month for many families, especially those who haven't planned for it. Families with aging parents and grandparents should look into long-term care insurance, which often covers the cost of assisted living. Those who attempt to pay out-of-pocket find they have trouble keeping up with those payments on a regular basis. You want to make sure that when you do move your loved one, they aren't asked to leave because you struggle with making the monthly payment.

Dealing with the financial aspect of assisted living can cause a headache; however, once it's out of the way, finding the right community is a good thing for everyone involved. It gives aging seniors the care and stability they need, and provides family members with peace of mind about the comfort of their loved ones. Although most people would like to be able to care for their parents or grandparents themselves, they also have to think about their lives and what's feasible. Assisted living is a great option, but families need to do their research ahead of time.