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Turnbull Nursing Home - Saint John, NB

Wentworth Street, Saint John, NB E2L 1T2
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Nursing Homes in Saint John, NB

The most vital thing that seniors can do in the wake of a surgery or a significant injury is to allow themselves sufficient means and time to heal properly. More often than not, this goes way beyond just taking it easy for a little while. In several cases, it may be prudent for seniors to consider a special level of professional care in order to make sure the recovery is carried out in a way that protects their long-term health. This is in essence why the nursing home care facilities in Saint John, New Brunswick matter as much as they do. While the name of the concept may conjure up stereotypical images of old folks' homes filled with elderly folk playing cards, watching television, and not doing much of anything else, the reality is that these special facilities are designed to bring about proper rehabilitative care for seniors so they can get back on their feet again. What's more, these fully accredited facilities all carry out their services in a dignified manner, regardless of the level of therapy that needs to be provided.

Why Saint John?

To some people, Saint John may be the root of confusion. This is because it may be easy for those that aren't extensively familiar with Atlantic Canada to easily confuse this city of approximately 70,000 residents with Saint John's, Newfoundland. However, there are plenty of reasons why Saint John – the one without the apostrophe – stands out on its own.

For one thing, Saint John is the largest city in New Brunswick, as well as the second largest city in Canada's Maritime Provinces. It is also the first city to incorporate in Canada, as it became official in 1785, more than 80 years before Canada officially became a nation.

The city also is known as The Fundy City because of its presence on the Bay of Fundy. Its presence along the body of water has long been a prime mover for the city's overall economic landscape. Traditionally, Saint John has been known for shipbuilding, and its dry dock is still considered to be one of the largest in the world.

In recent years, the city has diversified its economy to incorporate more modern pursuits. One of the biggest forays the city has made involves the tourism industry, and it has thrived to the tune of welcoming more than 1.5 million visitors and 200,000 cruise ships annually. This influx of visitors has enabled the city to revitalize its historic downtown and waterfront to become a dynamic place for shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Saint John is also considered to be a military city, as several reserve units of the Canadian Forces can be found in or near the town. This could be of interest to veterans, as they can be assured that their service to the country will be met with a great deal of respect.

A Look at Saint John's Nursing Home Care Facilities

Nursing home care represents the highest level of care that seniors can experience outside of being admitted to a hospital. These special facilities are able to provide high-quality short-term aid in rehabilitative practices for seniors in the aftermath of surgery, injury, or sudden ailment such as a stroke. By providing physical, occupational, and speech therapies, seniors will be able to make a recovery from their ailment at a proper pace so that they may be able to return to their normal routine when their body is ready. These facilities are also skilled at providing long-term aid to seniors that are experiencing severe troubles in accomplishing activities for daily living, otherwise known as ADLs. Some of these functions include eating, dressing, or bathing. In either case, the goal of these facilities is to provide seniors with an overall recovery and recuperation experience that is comfortable and dignified.

Making a Recovery in Saint John

Proper rehabilitation of an injury or ailment is the most essential element of a senior making a full recovery. If done improperly, the process could actually do more harm than good. This is precisely why the nursing home facilities in Saint John are as important as they are. Because these facilities are able to closely monitor the recovery and recuperation of their senior residents, seniors can take comfort in knowing that their rehabilitation will happen at a pace best suited for their own terms and pacing. Ultimately, this works to give seniors a terrific sense of peace, which in some respects can be every bit as vital as the actual recovery process itself.