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Home Care in Saint John, NB

According to Statistics Canada, about 14% of the nation's population falls into the age 65 or older demographic. And because more people are living longer than they ever have before, projections indicate that this percentage is poised to increase. This also means that the amount of seniors in need of home care for a chronic long-term illness or a terminal ailment is likely to rise. As such, it stands to reason that there will also be a bump in the number of people that will be faced with a tough decision regarding care for their senior-aged loved ones. Yet there is a silver lining that could lessen the amount of strain that could otherwise be felt, thanks to the wide host of home care options that are available in Saint John, New Brunswick. These fully accredited, high-quality services are completely equipped to provide gentle aid to seniors that are in need, all within the familiar confines of their own home.

Why Saint John?

Saint John may be the source of some confusion to some people, particularly those that do not live near the Maritime Provinces. This is due to the fact that this city of about 70,000 people tends to get mixed up with Saint John's, Newfoundland. Yet while it could be easy to get these two cities mistaken for the other, there is plenty of reasons why Saint John – the one that is lacking the apostrophe s – can stand out by itself.

Firstly, Saint John is New Brunswick's largest city and is also the second largest city in Canada's Maritime Provinces. It is also quite historical, as it was the first Canadian city to incorporate. It completed this task in 1785, more than 80 years prior to Canada becoming an official nation.

Geographic positioning plays a key role in shaping Saint John as a whole. The city is known as The Fundy City, due to the fact that it stands alongside the Bay of Fundy. This placement has traditionally played a vital role in helping to shape Saint John’s overall economic landscape. The city has long held a reputation for being a vital center for shipbuilding, and its dry dock is still thought to be one of the largest around the globe.

At the same time, Saint John has taken great strides to diversify its economic landscape, as it has been able to successfully welcome more modern industries within its borders. One of the biggest ways it has been able to do this involves the tourism industry. It is estimated that over 1.5 million visitors and 200,000 cruise ships stop by Saint John every year, and this infusion of out-of-towners has allowed the city to transform its historic downtown and waterfront into an exciting hub for dining, shopping, and entertainment.

Saint John Home Care at a Glance

Home care, otherwise known as home health care, is basically defined as care that is provided to a senior by a professional caregiver within the confines of a senior’s own home. There are in essence two types of responsibilities for the caregiver to carry out. Firstly, they are charged with helping the senior with various activities for daily living, which can also be known as ADLs. Some of these key tasks include helping a senior bathe, getting a senior dressed, helping a senior eat, or helping a senior walk. Secondly, they are charged with helping the senior handle basic activities that not inherently physical in nature, but are nonetheless critical for keeping home life in order so that home care can continue. These activities include items like purchasing groceries, preparing medication, and cooking dinner. These two elements ultimately combine to provide seniors with a means to retain a certain feeling of independence; one that may not be as easily attained within the confines of a typical senior living community.

Safe Living in Saint John

It is perfectly natural, if not somewhat expected, for a senior in need of assisted living prefer that aid needed for daily living would be administered within his or her own home. And this desire is why the home care services in Saint John matter as much as they do. They enable seniors to experience the aid that they need in a setting that is familiar and comfortable. At the same time, they provide a level of comfort for the families of the senior in question, since they can take comfort in knowing that their senior aged loved one will be treated with the dignity they deserve.